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Currently Watching Gu Family Book and Jung Yi, Goddess of Fire

Watching two sageuks at once is quite an undertaking, but I’m enjoying it all the same.  However, though both are historical dramas, they really are two completely different shows.

Thoughts on Gu Family Book-

I have found that I’m a huge fan of the sageuk’s that infuse Korean legends of the super natural.  It gives a glimpse not only into their historical culture, but also their old superstitions and religion as well.  I’ve seen many animes and dramas alike that give their own unique spin to the legend of the nine tailed fox demon, and it’s always entertaining.  For those of you who have seen My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (Nine Tailed Fox) and loved the cuddly, fuzzy, human/spirit/fox that was Mi Ho, don’t expect it from Gu family book.  Daddy fox (Wol Yong) and jr fox (Kang Chi) both have a raging, demonic, blood thirsty side that they are desperately trying to contain.  Though Gu Family book may lean towards the campy side at times, I am still thoroughly enjoying it.  I think this type of drama has to have a little gooey melted cheese on top to add to the flavor yah know?


Thoughts on Jung Yi, Goddess of Fire-

Okay, so I really like this drama overall, but I am finding that this is yet another sageuk that would have benefited from being a little shorter.  Sometimes less is more.  There’s only so much of the same situational drama over and over again that I can take before I start getting desensitized to it and I’m like *Yawn, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ*.  That being said, I think it’s really interesting that Moon Geun Young took on two roles about women who were pioneers in the world of Korean art.  In Painter of the Wind she played the role of the first Korean woman to be a royal painter, likewise in this drama she is portraying the role of the first Korean woman to be a royal potter.  Both are based on real people in Korean history.  It really makes me like and respect her more as an actress because she’s choosing some dramas of substance, rather than all money making commercial regurgitation.



Cheongdamdong Alice

Well it was bound to happen.  I watched a nice streak of really good dramas and then along came a dud.  I really wanted to like this one, as it stars Moon Geun Young, who is one of my favorite kdrama actresses, however, I just couldn’t reconcile with the ever mounding mediocrity as the show dragged on.


So where do I start?  Well, I guess the first glaring reason that it never captured my full interest is the plot itself.  I just could not connect with it on any level.  Now I have watched some shallow kdramas in my day with not much more to offer than the mild amusement of an ever spinning wheel, but this one might take the cake.  I mean, there just wasn’t a solid leg to stand on.  The girl fell in love with him when she thought he was poor, so she wasn’t even really a gold digger, so what’s the big deal?  And even if she was a gold digger, if the two of them fell in love who cares?  I don’t know, all of the drama just seemed pointless.


And then there is the major turn off of Cha Seung Jo the male lead having small penis syndrome.  Between his ridiculously weak and girly reaction to his first break up and his constant daddy issues I just couldn’t find him man enough to even be attractive in any way.  This may stem back to my personal skepticism of psychology and the over-diagnosis of psychological disorders in general, but that’s a whole different issue altogether.


Overall, I am not going to recommend Alice as a show to watch, though I’m sure there are people who enjoyed it.  For me it was an eternal snore (and I literally fell asleep every time I turned it on) with lack luster characters and plot.  I give it a 2 out of 5.  Hopefully I’ll have better luck with my next drama!!

The Painter of the Wind

I watched this drama on Hulu

This was just a beautiful drama all around, both the visual and the story.  As always I enjoyed the woman pretending to be a man aspect and Moon Geun Young hit the nail on the head with her amazing portryal of Yoon Bok.  It was very intense as far as looking at human emotions and what really  makes people tick.  The dialogue was also often very poetic and meaningful.  There are some really great quotes in this one.

Though traditional in many ways because it is a saeguk, this drama definitely had its own edginess and added a twist to the gender swap.  There was an unclear relationship between Yoon Bok and a Gisaeng that seemed at times to be deeper than friendship.  There were definitely some steamy scenes between those two.  One thing I really loved about this drama (and hated at the same time lol) is there is no real kissing or sex, yet they manage to make it so sexy without all of that.  It definitely plays up the forbiddeness of relationships between her and the gisaeng, her and her master, and her and her adopted brother (I know, what a player right?  Get it Yoon Bok!! :P).

Though I usually am not a huge fan of the overly melodramatic dramas, this one was melodramatic in a way that I could appreciate.  It wasn’t so twisted and over exaggerated just for sheer entertainment.  Instead of playing to the ugly shallow side of human nature (though of course it does have its villains) I think it tried to explore the different types of relationships and emphasize the beauty of them, whether they be sad or happy, accepted or not accepted.  It also really looks at how art captures the human soul, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  It is definitely one I would recommend.  5 out of 5 stars!!

I got the following information from http://wiki.d-addicts.com/The_Painter_of_the_Wind


Shin Yoon Bok is a talented painter who disguises herself as a boy to search for her father’s murderer and meets a master painter who guides her into being a great painter. Kim Hong Do is the man who teaches Yoon Bok how to paint, and they develop a strong friendship of mentor and disciple.


Extended Cast

Day 18 of 30 Day Kdrama Challenge

Day 18 of the 30 Day Kdrama Challenge is “What is the worst drama you’ve finished?”  Well there are 2 dramas that come to mind that I have managed to stick through, but was never a fan of.  The first of those being Boys Before Flowers. *GASP*  I know, I know it’s a crowd favorite, but it was too geared towards the teenage mentality for me.  It was a little too over the top and full of unnecessary angst and generally ridiculous characters.  And come on people, what was up with Joon Pyo’s hair?  Who was he supposed to be, Shirley Temple?  I mean I don’t mind guys being well dressed and clean and all of that, but when you start doing crazy stuff like putting silly girly curls in your hair and wearing excessive amounts of foundation and lip gloss I start to be not so attracted to you anymore.  I don’t know, I just couldn’t figure out who was more of a damsel in distress, Jan Di or Joon Pyo? 😀

The other drama I have finished, but was really not too big a fan of at all was Cinderella’s Sister.  It really made me want to go jump off a bridge and kill myself.  It wins my award for most depressing drama.  I mean I swear they could cut out the last 5 episodes because all people do is cry in them.  And Seo Woo, bless her soul has the most annoyingly whiny voice I have ever heard.  I just want to put duct tape over her mouth every time she speaks.  Her character was so ridiculously obnoxious.  I mean good God she was like 18, but acted like a  5-year-old baby all the time.  She didn’t do anything but cry and throw tantrums all the time to try and get what she wanted.  And she always acted so helpless and pitiful, like she was the baby and didn’t know how to do anything on her own.  As much as I love Moon Geun Young, I did not like this drama.

Day 14 of 30 Day Kdrama Challenge

Day 14 of the 30 Day Kdrama Challenge is “What is your favorite kiss?”  Well once again, the scene in Coffee Prince that I described on day 7 was my favorite line from a male lead, favorite “I love you,” and favorite kiss all rolled into one scene.  Another really great one in Coffee Prince is when Eun Chan decides that she is going to sleep with Han Kyul and he is being really dense about understanding what she is trying to tell him, and then it suddenly dawns on him and there is this awkward moment of silence and then he just grabs her and full on attacks her lol.  He picks her up and then slams her up against the door and starts making out with her and then carries her to the bed.  It is pretty steamy, especially for a kdrama!! Lol.  But to be fair and talk about a drama other than Coffee Prince (you guys know I am so biased lol) I will describe another kiss that was a favorite for me.  In episode 8 of Mary Stayed Out All Night Wi Mae Ri and Kang Moo Kyul have been handcuffed together by Moo Kyul’s meddling friends who want him to stop running from his feelings.  Later on they run into some crazy fangirls.  When they see that Moo Kyul is cuffed to Mae Ri, they become very angry towards her.  The two of them then run away and duck in an alley to hide from them. Moo Kyul grabs Mae Ri and hold her close so that they won’t see her face as they pass by.  As he lets go of her he suddenly begins to feel something, being this close to her.  He leans in to try and kiss her but she turns away and begins to cry, telling him that he’s a player and he shouldn’t kiss her if it means nothing to him.  She says that the first time he kissed her when he was just pretending she felt liker her heart would explode.  He looks stunned and says “So you did feel something?” She then says “But you said you didn’t see me as a woman?” and he answers “…you said you didn’t see me as a man…” and she then replies “You told me not to like you…” and he answers “You said you didn’t like me…” Then he just goes for it and starts kissing her, this is not some clean cut typical kdrama kiss where they just press their closed mouths together and the camera rotates around them lol, this is a real opened mouthed kiss 😛 And keep in mind they are still hand cuffed together and in an alley…. it’s pretty damn hot…  Even if you are not a fan of this drama it is worth just watching this kiss scene lol.  God who wouldn’t want to make out with Jang Geun Suk like that?  Anyway before I go too far, I will just post the clip below for you to enjoy and be done. 😀



Mary Stayed Out All Night

I watched this drama on Hulu

I didn’t expect to like this drama as much as I did.  It was very sweet and funny.  Definitely a fun and light hearted drama (though it has its sad moments).  Mary’s character was super ditzy and I know some people don’t like that about her, but I thought she was adorable.  Of course her and Kang Moo Kyul were like opposites so it was funny watching them interact and fight and make up.  They make Kim Jae Wook look like a vampire in this drama though.  He kind of freaked me out lol.  But overall, I would give this drama 4 out of 5 stars, definitely worth watching!!


Mary is a sweet and innocent girl who lives with her father, who she loves very much.  One day she accidentally almost ran over a rock musician, Kang Moo Kyul, and quickly befriends him afterward despite his prickly demeanor.  Her father has a lot of money problems and owes money to loan sharks that are constantly after them.  When he meets an old friend, the friend offers to settle his debts if he will arrange for Mary to well, marry her son, Byung Jun In.  Mary is not so happy about being forced into marriage and so she ropes her new friend Kang Moo Kyul into pretending that they have eloped and he is her husband.  However, instead of just changing his mind, her father asks her to sign a contract in which she has to evenly divide her time between the two men for 100 days and then decide who she wants to marry at the end of that period.  At first, Jung In is not so excited about being forced into marriage either, but after meeting Mary he begins to fall for her   Having to keep this lie up becomes more complicated than Mary thought and as she spends more time with Kang Moo Kyul her feelings towards him begin to change…

So cute together!!

Cinderella’s Sister

I mainly watched this drama because Moon Geun Young is in it and I loved her in Mary Stayed Out All Night.  She is absolutely gorgeous in this drama and does do an awesome acting job (her part couldn’t be more different than the part she played din Mary Stayed Out All Night).  However, unfortunately this was not the drama for me.  There was way too much turmoil, crying, depression, and angst for me.  Although, some of you may love that, I know a lot of people really do.  So if you enjoy the most dramatic dramas, then this is definitely the one for you lol!!



Song Eun Jo has lived a very rough life with her horribly selfish and dysfunctional mother.  She has been moved from place to place because her mom just uses different people and men to get by while she can.  By chance, her mother finally meets a really kind, upstanding, and fairly wealthy man that marries her.  The man runs a winery and lives there with his workers and his young daughter.  Eun Jo is forced to come live there against her will and you watch as she fights against opening her heart up to anyone there and accepting them as family despite their kindness.  Eun Jo makes an enemy of her step-sister through her stubborn harshness and unwillingness to accept her new family, and that relationship becomes a source of turmoil throughout the rest of the show.  Eun Jo’s one solace is a factory worker  that her new step-father took in, Hong Ki-Hoon.  He becomes her tutor and makes a point to be there for her and try to open her cold and closed off heart.  But when Ki-Hoon suddenly leaves to go to the army and Eun Jo’s sister realizes her love for him as well, what was once solace becomes another source of pain for her.  When he eventually returns 8 years later things get really complicated between them, her family and his, and the winery that she now helps her step-father run.  Plenty of drama ensues, and I mean PLENTY!!!