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I’ve Returned, With Movies!!! :P Heaven’s Postman and I’m a Cyborg, but That’s Okay

So life just got really busy for a while and I made the executive decision to not post for a long time.  Also, it’s kind of hard to post about kdrama when you don’t have time to watch it… I did however recently watch a kdrama movie which I throughly enjoyed, Heaven’s Postman.  I also saw I’m a Cyborg, but That’s Okay, which was surprisingly touching.  So here’s a brief little blurb about them.

Heaven’s Postman

heavens postman


Basically, a slightly whacky girl who has been jilted in love by an ex-boyfriend who has recently died begins sending angry letters to the recently deceased via a mailbox in a field in the middle of nowhere that is believed to be a way to send letters to heaven.  One day she encounters the postman that is supposively delivering the letters to heaven and they strike up a friendship and she begins helping him to tell lies and set up scenarios to comfort the people who leave letters in the mythical mailbox.  All the while she believes that her postman is a fake, but in actuality he is an angel.

My Thoughts:

Heaven’s Postman might seem slow to some people, but to me it was a perfectly beautiful roller coaster ride of emotion.  I love off beat movies that involve the super natural, and Heaven’s Postman didn’t fail to deliver that dark charm that I just can’t get enough of.   It explored the human heart and the different ways people react and cope with death.  It also tells a beautiful love story of a broken hearted girl who gets a second chance at love only to have her heart ripped out again, but then ultimately fate gives her her happy ending.  It also tells the story of a boy who gets a second chance at life, and plays with the idea of fate and the deeper connection of souls that are meant to be together.  I love, love, love this type of drama that plays with philosophical ideas and not just surface romance.  Not to mention the cinematography is that kind of dark and grungy beautiful that just makes everything more interesting.  Plus, the lead male is some serious eye candy, just saying.  He’s one beautiful angel…

For more info about this movie visit http://asianwiki.com/Postman_to_Heaven

I’m a Cyborg But That’s Okay

I'm a Cyborg but That's Okay


A mentally disturbed girl who appears to have schizophrenic tendencies has a break down after her also mentally ill grandmother has to be taken away to the sanatorium.  She develops an alternate persona in which she is a cyborg who must rescue her grandmother.  She is sent to an asylum when she cuts herself and inserts a power cord into her veins in order to “charge” her body,  Upon entering the asylum another young man with mental illness takes interest in her and they form an unusual friendship that eventually develops into romance.

My Thoughts:

When I initially read the title of this movie I must admit I only watched it because I thought it would be so terrible that I would get a good laugh out of it.  Boy was I ever wrong, this quickly became one of my favorite movies of all time.  If you are a big fan of Rain, this movie shows Rain like you’ve never seen him before.  A crazy man who hops like a bunny and brushes his teeth 5 times a day because he’s afraid if he doesn’t that he’ll disappear.  This movie is indeed very strange, but in an incredibly interestingly charming Tim Butonesque kind of way.  Think Benny and Joon, but with crazy people instead of intellectually disabled people.  These two extremely odd people meet each other in the asylum and understand each other in a way that no one has ever understood them before.  They are okay with each other’s eccentricities because they are both so different and find ways to help each other deal with their issues.  They exist in their own plane of thought that no one else can enter.  It is a very entertaining, quirky, hilarious, and touching movie which I would recommend to anyone all day long.  It had me laughing so hard I cried and also crying because I was so touched.  It’s truly brilliantly made from the script, to the acting, to the cinematography, and even the special effects.  It’s a gem that I am so grateful I accidentally stumbled upon.

For more info on this movie visit http://asianwiki.com/I%27m_a_Cyborg,_But_That%27s_OK


Spring Waltz

While this drama was not quite up my alley as far as what I usually enjoy in a drama, for a more serious soap operaey drama it wasn’t so bad.  I figured I needed to watch at least one of the Endless Love dramas since they are revered as kdrama classics, and this one came highly recommended by a fellow blogger.  It was very over dramatic in some parts and the acting and dialouge were kind of subpar (Well let’s face it, Daniel Henney was terrible, but always beautiful to look at 🙂 ), but the overall plot was interesting enough and the two lead actors were both easy on the eyes.  It had a really sweet and happy ending, which is always nice.  As characteristic of the Endless Love series, nature played a huge part in the scenery, and that part of the drama was truly beautiful.  It also had lovely music, both instrumental and vocal.  They were trying to convey a Spring feeling through the set, clothing, scenery, music, etc., so all of the sets were very brightly painted and the clothes were like blindingly neon.  It was like the Easter Bunny threw up all over the place after taking acid, and I think they way overdid it with the colors.  And honestly, when I think of Spring I think of vibrant, but more natural pastel colors, not the crazy in your face neon stuff they had going on.  I don’t really have too much to say on this drama because although it was a heartfelt, pleasant story overall, and much more tolerable than I imagine the other Endless Love dramas would be, it did not rock my socks off, and it was just okay for me.  So in conclusion, I am going to give it a 3 out of 5, worth watching, but not world changing.


Supporting Cast


Park Eun Young is a talented young artists in her 20s who wins a crystal design contest and gets a free trip to Austria to work.  While in Austria she crosses paths with a man named Phillip, who instantly falls for her.  Through Phillip she meets Yoon Jae Ha, a young piano prodigy who is Phillip’s employer.  Eun Young begins to develop a friendship with Philip, but does not get along well with Jae Ha at first, who is dark, brooding, and short tempered.  But somehow despite his nasty attitude, Eun Young finds herself becoming infatuated with him despite herself.  However, she soon returns to Korea and does not expect to run into either man again.  But when Jae Ha’s friend and business partner Song Yi Na convinces him to come to Korea for business, Eun Young once again meets up with Phillip and Jae Ha.  Things become complicated when Phillip professes his feelings for Eun Young and Song Yi Na makes her feelings for Jae Ha very clear, but even knowing all of that Eun Young and Jae Ha cannot seem to avoid their growing attraction for each other and begin a relationship despite the consequences.  Their relationship is not happy for long however, as it is clouded by the jealousy of their friends, Jae Ha’s parents disapproval, and a huge secret from Jae Ha’s past that is directly related to unsuspecting Eun Young’s complicated and painful past.  Can their love endure the hardships?

Shining Inheritance

I will admit that Shining Inheritance did not reel me in right away.  I usually enjoy the more light hearted comedies, however this is a very dramatic drama lol.  So for the first few episodes I was kind of waiting for something really funny to happen, but it was mostly just angst and suspense.  However, maybe it began to tug at my heart because I teach children with disabilities and have several students with severe autism, and Go Eun Sung’s brother Eun Woo has severe autism.  This was the first time I have seen a disabled person in a kdrama.  Anyway, it had your classic bratty rich boy falls in love with poor girl of unfortunate circumstances plot, except this one was a lot more complex than the average one.  The male second lead character, Park Joon Sae, was so cute and wonderful.  He is my second favorite of all the second male leads I have seen in all of the kdramas I have watched.  I was very sad for him that he didn’t get the girl, but we all knew that he wouldn’t lol.  I thought this was overall a very well done drama, it kept my attention even though it was not a comedy, which is very rare for me.  It was dramatic, but not so overdone that you’re like “Oh my God seriously, I don’t think I can watch anymore” like I have been with some other very dramatic dramas.  Overall I would give it a 4 out of 5.  I definitely recommend it!!


Go Eun Sung and Sun Woo Hwan are strangers who are both returning to South Korea from the United States.  Their lives become intertwined when they accidentally mix up their luggage.  A few misunderstanding about this situation lead their initial few meetings to be less than civilized.  Eun Sung’s father is running a struggling construction company.  Soon after Eun Sung’s arrival there is a gas explosion in a building and the police find what they believe to be the remains of her father, however unbeknownst to them it is actually a thief who had stolen her father’s belongings and wallet that day.  Her father, wanting desperately to save his family from the impending consequences of bad business decisions and debt, decides to use this as an opportunity to pretend that he has died and allow his family to collect his inheritance and life insurance money.  Believing that he was dead, Eun Sung’s step-mother collects the inheritance.  However, she only married Eun Sung’s father for his money in the first place and she is now bitter that he has left her behind without enough money to make her as comfortable and happy as she would like to be.  So she takes the money and kicks Eun Sung and her younger brother Eun Woo out and her and her daughter go and buy a new apartment and change their phone numbers so that they cannot be reached.  Eun Sung takes he brother Eun Woo and goes to stay with a friend temporarily.  While her friend’s boyfriend was supposed to be watching Eun Woo he disappears.  In actuality his step-mother found him and decided to go drop him off in the country with a strange family so that she will not have to deal with him.  Grief stricken, Eun Sung begins a tireless search for her brother.  One day when she is selling dumplings from a stand, Eun Sung stumbles upon and old woman who has collapsed and takes her to the hospital.  When the woman awakens she cannot remember who she is or where she lived before.  Being extremely kind hearted, Eun Sung allows her to stay at her place and takes care of her until she remembers.  When the woman does remember she turns out to be Sun Woo Hwan’s (the boy who switched his luggage with Eun Sung) rich CEO grandmother.  Touched by Eun Sung’s kindness, the grandmother insists that Eun Sung come live in her home so that she can return her kindness by taking care of her and helping to find her brother.  Eun Sung’s family are very stingy and jealous, wanting only to protect their own inheritance and wealth.  They therefore do not welcome Eun Sung into their home with open arms and living there becomes complicated and difficult for her, especially with Woo Hwan constantly giving her grief.  The grandmother puts her to work in one of her restaurants and to teach Woo Hwan some responsibility, she puts him there to train under her.  The two bicker back and forth, but as they get to know each other Woo Hwan begins to change for the better and their relationship and feelings towards each other begin to grow.  All of this is complicated by the return of Eun Sung’s father, the search for Eun Woo, the jealousy of Eun SUng’s sister towards her relationship with Woo Hwan, and Woo Hwan’s grandmother trying to decide whether or not to give the inheritance to Eun Sung or Woo Hwan.