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Converting Americans to Kpop One Impressionable Child at a Time

So you guys have heard me talk about how I’m such a weirdo amongst my friends because only one of them understands my kdrama obsession, and she is just plain out too busy to watch the sheer amount of television that I unfortunately find myself partaking in.   I have no real world friends to talk to about what I spend way too high a percentage of my life doing, which is why I started a blog in the first place.  However, as much as we are all probably sick of Psy and his iconic song Gangnam  Style, he has opened a door with young people that was tightly shut before. I happen to have a student who is particularly obsessed with that song, and coincidentally also obsessed with One Direction, who is a very sub-par boy band in my opinion.  So today I struck up a conversation with her about the fact that Korea has tons of boy bands, most who sing and especially dance much better than her oh so beloved One Direction.  I usually give my classes a chance to earn some free time at the end of the class if they have worked hard and followed directions, so during this time I showed her a Big Bang video.  The second she saw G-Dragon she started squealing about how hot he is and played the video over and over again.  At the end of the school day she came to me and showed me that she had already downloaded the song to her phone and was going to share it with her best friend when she got home.  It made me realize how much influential power we have as teachers, and also that I am super excited because I now have someone to talk to about at least some aspect of Korean pop culture.  Now to introduce her to kdrama….