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An American Horror Story-A World Without Internet

Some of you may have noticed that I have not been particularly active on my blog in the past week.  This is because I was house sitting for my in laws, which turned out to be much like an American Horror story.

To begin with, they live in the woods in the middle of nowhere in a log cabin house with a bazillion windows that consequently have no curtains.  How do you sleep in a place like that?  Second, my cell phone got no 3 or 4G signal.  My provider is Verizon, how can this happen?  Third, and the most terrifying bullet to my list, I was not able to access the internet AT ALL.

Why would this be so significant?  As I access ALL of my drama through various internet sources such as Hulu, Drama Fever, and Viki, I was rendered completely unable to watch any kdrama for an entire week.  Oh nightmare of nightmares!!  What a terrible ordeal this was for me to go through!!  Never in my entire year and 4 months of obsessing over kdrama have we been separated for more than a day.  I swear it felt like I had lost a limb!!!

I kept reliving Coffee Prince scenes over and over in my head and listening to the soundtrack on my ipod until I felt like I was going to burst.  I have not been through a break up in eight and a half years, but this is precisely what it felt like to have my true love ripped out of my hands as I waited helplessly for the pain to be over… okay maybe that is a little too dramatic, and it is quite possible that I have been watching way too much drama and I am starting to act like the crazy characters I love so dearly.

However, as in all situations there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I believe two good things came from my temporary delve into the primeval world of internetless wonder.  One, being that I actually read quite a bit in order to find surcease from my incessant grief and boredom.  This is a pastime that I neglect far too often.  The second being that I realized something important as I was surfing through the tiresome Dish Network guide, praying desperately for something decent to watch on T.V.  I will not be made to feel ashamed of my kdrama addiction, because quite frankly American T.V. SUCKS, Honey Boo Boo being my case and point.  Thank the Lord for Korea and the wonderful additions they add to the world of television, where would I be without you?