I’ve Returned, With Movies!!! :P Heaven’s Postman and I’m a Cyborg, but That’s Okay

So life just got really busy for a while and I made the executive decision to not post for a long time.  Also, it’s kind of hard to post about kdrama when you don’t have time to watch it… I did however recently watch a kdrama movie which I throughly enjoyed, Heaven’s Postman.  I also saw I’m a Cyborg, but That’s Okay, which was surprisingly touching.  So here’s a brief little blurb about them.

Heaven’s Postman

heavens postman


Basically, a slightly whacky girl who has been jilted in love by an ex-boyfriend who has recently died begins sending angry letters to the recently deceased via a mailbox in a field in the middle of nowhere that is believed to be a way to send letters to heaven.  One day she encounters the postman that is supposively delivering the letters to heaven and they strike up a friendship and she begins helping him to tell lies and set up scenarios to comfort the people who leave letters in the mythical mailbox.  All the while she believes that her postman is a fake, but in actuality he is an angel.

My Thoughts:

Heaven’s Postman might seem slow to some people, but to me it was a perfectly beautiful roller coaster ride of emotion.  I love off beat movies that involve the super natural, and Heaven’s Postman didn’t fail to deliver that dark charm that I just can’t get enough of.   It explored the human heart and the different ways people react and cope with death.  It also tells a beautiful love story of a broken hearted girl who gets a second chance at love only to have her heart ripped out again, but then ultimately fate gives her her happy ending.  It also tells the story of a boy who gets a second chance at life, and plays with the idea of fate and the deeper connection of souls that are meant to be together.  I love, love, love this type of drama that plays with philosophical ideas and not just surface romance.  Not to mention the cinematography is that kind of dark and grungy beautiful that just makes everything more interesting.  Plus, the lead male is some serious eye candy, just saying.  He’s one beautiful angel…

For more info about this movie visit http://asianwiki.com/Postman_to_Heaven

I’m a Cyborg But That’s Okay

I'm a Cyborg but That's Okay


A mentally disturbed girl who appears to have schizophrenic tendencies has a break down after her also mentally ill grandmother has to be taken away to the sanatorium.  She develops an alternate persona in which she is a cyborg who must rescue her grandmother.  She is sent to an asylum when she cuts herself and inserts a power cord into her veins in order to “charge” her body,  Upon entering the asylum another young man with mental illness takes interest in her and they form an unusual friendship that eventually develops into romance.

My Thoughts:

When I initially read the title of this movie I must admit I only watched it because I thought it would be so terrible that I would get a good laugh out of it.  Boy was I ever wrong, this quickly became one of my favorite movies of all time.  If you are a big fan of Rain, this movie shows Rain like you’ve never seen him before.  A crazy man who hops like a bunny and brushes his teeth 5 times a day because he’s afraid if he doesn’t that he’ll disappear.  This movie is indeed very strange, but in an incredibly interestingly charming Tim Butonesque kind of way.  Think Benny and Joon, but with crazy people instead of intellectually disabled people.  These two extremely odd people meet each other in the asylum and understand each other in a way that no one has ever understood them before.  They are okay with each other’s eccentricities because they are both so different and find ways to help each other deal with their issues.  They exist in their own plane of thought that no one else can enter.  It is a very entertaining, quirky, hilarious, and touching movie which I would recommend to anyone all day long.  It had me laughing so hard I cried and also crying because I was so touched.  It’s truly brilliantly made from the script, to the acting, to the cinematography, and even the special effects.  It’s a gem that I am so grateful I accidentally stumbled upon.

For more info on this movie visit http://asianwiki.com/I%27m_a_Cyborg,_But_That%27s_OK


7 thoughts on “I’ve Returned, With Movies!!! :P Heaven’s Postman and I’m a Cyborg, but That’s Okay

  1. You’re back!! xDD Welcome home to the land of K-stuff and the people who probably should have more to do with their lives, but still haven’t found a chance to get motivated. Well, exceptt I bought a house. That was/is a bit time consuming.

    I liked both these movies. Cyborg totally shocked me though at how ‘good’ it is. Can I call it just ‘good?’ It’s so bizarre! I didn’t expect for it to hit me quite so well though. Thought also that at the very least it’d be a laugh, but then I forgot Rain was Rain, and just saw him through the character. It was unexpectedly awesome. 🙂

    • Buying a house is definitely a lengthy and stressful process, I just went through it myself a few months ago. Yes Cyborg was amazing in a truly unique way. I just started watching Jung Yi Goddess of Fire and I lucked out because I’m really enjoying it.

  2. Omg omg omg–this is crazy because I JUST watched I’m a Cyborg but That’s Okay and then got on WordPress and saw this in my feed! I LOVED IT. Actually, present tense, I love it and will continue to love it. I liked it so much I sent a mass text out to my friends raving about it, and most of them didn’t understand the concept at all, lol! You’ve got to see it to “get” it, I suppose. Five million gold stars to the makers of that film.

    • That’s like exactly the reaction I had. I was so excited about it that I was talking about it to everyone and they’re looking at me like “You are totally weird.” My husband loved it too though!!

  3. The summary of I’m a Cyborg would have turned me off entirely, but I’ll have to add it to my list if it’s getting so many good reviews!

    Heaven’s Postman is rather sweet and sad, and I was pretty happy with the ending, which was a relief. It’s the kind of movie that could easily leave you feeling unsatisfied.

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