Holy Hulu!!

So I was scrolling through the Korean Dramas section of T.V. genres on Hulu, and they have added like at least 20 dramas, plus a few kpop shows.  I am super excited about it and just wanted to inform everyone.  The best part is that if you are okay with watching on the computer Hulu is totally free.  Enjoy!!

Currently Watching Update:

Rascal Sons:

So this show is super long, it is supposed to be 50 episodes when it finishes airing.  So given the length, there is a decent amount of wheel spinning involved, and I was starting to feel the burn until I caught up two days ago.  Around the mid 30s the episodes start getting really interesting again and they’ve thrown in a few things that  have me totally invested and biting my nails in anticipation.  Props to the writers for being able to rekindle my interest after this long.

The Great Catsby:

So far I love this show!  There is something about the year 2007, it  just seems to have churned out more worthwhile kdramas than any other year.  Here’s to hoping I continue to enjoy this show as much as I am at the moment!!


2 thoughts on “Holy Hulu!!

  1. Yay for Hulu! I’ve watched a few episodes of that Kpop Tasty Road, which I was stunned to realize is actually in English. It’s quite fun.

    (I just wish it were easier to separate the Dramafever dramas they carry from the ones from other sources—if I can, I’d rather watch something on Dramafever without ads.)

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