Can We Get Married?

Can We Get Married? for me was a show that I can only compare to picking a giant scab.  It’s painful, and yet because of some base instinct and uncontrollable itch I couldn’t leave it alone although I knew that the pain was only going to get worse and the wound would open up again.  I’m not even really sure that I liked any of the characters very much.  Most of them were terribly selfish people aside from the male lead, but he was such a spoiled mama’s boy that he got on my nerves as well.

Can We Get Married Poster 3

Though I found different reasons to dislike all of the characters, I couldn’t stop watching them tear each other to pieces.  I feel like this sick desire comes from the same place that makes reality TV such as The Bachelor and Honey Boo Boo so popular.  Although none of us want to admit it and hope to rise above it, there is some kind of dark urge inside humanity that tempts us to watch people in their worst states of conceit, hostility, and self preservation.


I really did like that this show did eventually address the fact that marriage is between two individuals.  After all the ridiculous pissing matches and bickering, the two moms finally figured out that it wasn’t their place to tell their grown children whether or not to get married.  I have been on nosy, conniving mom overload recently so I was glad to finally see a show where the parents admitted their wrong doings and conceded to the will of the kids.  I guess that’s really one of the reasons that this show was so likable in one way for me, it was almost like a satire of the ridiculousness of family involvement in each other’s lives and the damage it can do.  Yet it also addressed the fact that in the end blood is blood.  We love our families no matter what shenanigans they may pull or how insane they may appear, because we know that (God forbid) we are going to have those moments sometimes too and we hope that they’ll forgive us when we do.


I have to give CWGM credit for diving right into issues that seem to be controversial in Korea, such as infidelity in marriage and the ugliness of divorce.  It seems that it was their equivalent of an HBO drama because it also was also very frank about sex and had a lot of racy scenes to boot (at least by kdrama standards).  I started watching kdrama because I was tired of the all sex and no plot pattern in American television right now and Coffee Prince was the first real love story I had seen in a long time, but I do have to admit that deep down I am an American at the core and after watching drama after drama where they act like sex is a totally forbidden taboo and they are all somehow little angelic nuns (and constantly refer to Americans as kissing fanatics.  What’s up with that? lol), it’s nice to actually see someone consummate their love (or lust, however you want to interpret it :P)


I really have to laugh at myself when reflecting back on this drama.  I was constantly either yelling at the TV or crying my eyes out at the utter hopelessness of it all, yet I just kept watching.  Why?  Because I have to admit that on some level I really enjoyed it, and it was just plain entertaining.  I give Can We Get Married? a 3.5 out of 5.  Definitely check it out if you are looking for a little sexy melodrama in your life :P.

I watched this drama on Hulu

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4 thoughts on “Can We Get Married?

  1. Yes. This show was equal parts pain and pleasure. And mental mom-throwing-against-brick-wall training. I’m trying to figure out how to review it now, but I’m on such angsty melo overload that I can’t bring myself to do it. I marathoned hours of this show, followed by weeks long breaks, because I just couldn’t handle it. I forced myself to finish it only this week because I made a vow not to start Flower Boy Next Door until I’d finished! xD It worked, and I’m glad I did.

    I watched the end of this hoping to see some growth in the two mothers (and at least in the one we got it). The other is such a pitiful person, spoiled her whole life, that’s it no wonder she never admits error throughout the entire show.

    Also, I hate to say it, but I was more invested in the divorcing couple than any other couple in this show. As a child of divorced parents, it’s especially hard – but I am insanely impressed at how this drama dealt with their relationship, and in its ending. Strangely satisfying; I didn’t think a Kdrama could ever do it so well.

  2. I was so excited about this drama before it started airing. It sounds sort of like Wild Love—something that’s a good idea in theory, but in practice maybe not worth watching.

    But speaking of worth watching, I think you should try In Time With You. It’s a Taiwanese drama but is very Coffee-Prince-ish. The most scablike thing about it is all the time I spent wishing the male lead was a real person 😉

  3. OH MY GOSH. ITS HIM. HE WAS THE MAIN LEAD FOR “SHUT UP FLOWER BOY BAND” !!! Oh my goodness, I forgot to rave about SUFBB ; A; It’s pretty darn good, if you have the time, you should definitely check it out. ^^ But fair warning, there are a few characters that get on my nerves. But the story line is a little different from normal ones haha Well, from what I’ve seen. (:

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