The Characters We Love to Hate-Kdrama Villains

I have sorely neglected my blog this past week as I have been sick/busy with work, so I apologize.  I am still tackling  Smile, Dong Hae! (only 63 episodes left!! lol) and watching I Miss You as it airs.  So this week I have no reviews, and in light of the fact the SDH has one of the most evil drama villainesses I have ever seen, I decided to post 2 top 5 lists of the most dastardly villains/villainesses in all the dramas I have ever seen.

Ultimate Villainess

1. Yun Sae Wa-Smile, Dong Hae!





2.  Kang Hee Soo-Boys Over Flowers





3. Hong Se-na / Hong Hwa-yong-Rooftop Prince







4. Baek Sung Hee-Shining Inheritance

brilliantlegacy96-1 (1)




5.  Lady Seo-Arang and the Magistrate





Honorable Mention-Lady Seo Hwa Young-Goong

Ultimate Villain

1. John Mayer-King2Hearts





2.  Park Chan-Gul-Padam, Padam





3.  Prince Deok Heung-Faith





4.  Lord Choi-Arang and the Magistrate





5.  Yong Tae Moo-Rooftop Prince



11 thoughts on “The Characters We Love to Hate-Kdrama Villains

  1. 63 eps left! Good girl!
    I haven’t seen half the villains on this list, but the ones I do know.. *growls* My personal most-hated is that mom from Shining Inheritance.

  2. Two Words (err, or three; whatever floats your boat)

    >>Kang Hee-Soo.

    I have never disliked anyone as much as I did her (then again, I pretty much disliked the drama as a whole) but regardless, she was such a nuisance and I absolutely LOVED that I hated her. It was the best part of the show for me.

    Oh how my eyes rolled endlessly whenever she popped on screen. HA.

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