Currently Watching-Smile, Dong Hae! Episodes 1-19

  • So this is my first “daily drama” as it is evidently called.  The episodes are 35 minutes rather than an hour, but they aired Monday-Friday instead of only twice a week.  They also aired from August-May and there are a total of 159 episodes.  I have been wanting to watch this drama for a long time, but the 159 episodes intimidated me.  But when I took a closer look the other day and realized the episodes were only 35 minutes long, I thought “What the hay, that’s not so bad!”  And so I began my journey with Smile, Dong Hae.
  • I have worked with disabled children for three years and have never loved anything more in my whole life, and am therefore a sucker for a drama with a disabled person.  I am always interested to see how the writers and actors will depict a person with a disability, what their idea of how they feel and act is.  In this case, Dong Hae’s mother Anna is mildly intellectually disabled.  The actress is really pretty spot on and brings a lot of life to the character.  I love her innocence, purity, and devotion to her son.
  • It’s the supporting actors and side stories in this drama that are really great so far.  The two mothers that are constantly bickering  and competing are hysterical, Tae Hoon and Sae Young’s unconventional romance is delightful to watch, the bond Pil Jae has with his daughter is adorable, and the love of the two families (minus evil Sae Wa) is really heart warming. These are all really the appeal of the show.  Not that I don’t like Dong Hae, but his brooding is a little much at this point.  I’m kind of just like it’s time to move on dude, get over it, but I’m sure there will be more brooding moments in the future, but also some new romance with Bon Gi I’m hoping to balance it out.
  • In short, I am totally obsessed with this show right now.  If it continues to be this good, I won’t mind a bit that it’s 159 episodes!!

8 thoughts on “Currently Watching-Smile, Dong Hae! Episodes 1-19

  1. I’m always pretty curious to see if I could handle the length of a daily… I’m struggling now with the 50 episode Flames of Desire, though to be honest, it’s mainly because of how intense the show is. Something lighter though… Hmm. And I do like the idea of 35 min. eps – feels like you can watch so much more when you count it that way! Even 45 min. eps seems like a breeze after a year of 1 hour Kdrama segments.

  2. Whaaa~ you took a really long road there. I still don’t have to courage to start it, somehow I’m afraid I’ll like it and end up spending so much time watching it OTL

  3. I got roped into watching this one between you and Amanda from Outside Seoul. I didn’t happen to ready the part about 159 episodes! At least they are only about 35 minutes each, so that’s about 4.5 hours. Considering I’m watching Jumong at 81 one hour episodes, that’s not too bad. It is good so far so I will continue.

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