Panda and Hedgehog

I watched this drama on Hulu

Panda and Hedgehog was a light and fluffy, sugary treat, not unlike the cakes the show is centered around.  Though it is not going to make my top 10 list (which is in dire need of updating), it definitely had its strong points.

I was actually very surprised to find that hidden in the dime a dozen plot of a patisserie rising to stardom and dealing with the issues of his troubled past, was the beautiful gem of a love triangle not based around misunderstandings and evil plotting by second leads, but three old friends, who through Panda, are reunited again.

There are no dastardly plans contrived by the second male lead, and there really isn’t any other girl seriously vying for Hedgehog’s affection. So instead of spinning in dizzying circles created by the traditional kdrama love triangle, these three join forces and become an unstoppable example of the power of friendship.  Of course hilarity and adorableness ensue :D.

I really enjoyed how this show did not so much center around the romance, but the bonds between family and friends.  I have to say that Won Il’s (the second male lead) little sister Won Yi was one of the best characters I have seen in a long time.  Full of vibrant  life, and of course a tom boy, which we all know I love, so much so that she even calls her brother and close male friends “hyung” rather than the traditional term “oppah” that is usually used by women.  I also have to give a shout out to the fact that it brought back the old school kdrama contract, except this time it was technologically enhanced since Panda kept it on her smart phone 😛

Panda and Hedgehog was definitely full of flaws, being draggy in some parts, having an adorable but unfortunately robotic male lead, and having a really overused underdog challenges the chaebol plot (not to mention all the birth secrets LOL), however it had enough redeeming qualities that I feel it is definitely worth a watch.  I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars, a nice sweet treat after a sour melodrama!!

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4 thoughts on “Panda and Hedgehog

  1. This is set in a PATISSERIE?!? Is there a lot of soft-focus shots of cakes? Honestly, that alone would convince me to watch it!

  2. This sounds like just the show I need, after lots of epic seriousness. (Especially because when I was a kid my nickname around my parents’ house was Amanda P. Panda. As a grew up, though, the “Amanda” and “Panda” just fell off, and now I can’t get them to stop calling me P.)

    • Aww I wish my name was Panda!! I kept telling my husband throughout the show that if we have a girl we need to name it Panda, and I also want the Panda van that they drive 😛

      It was a really cute drama. Definitely good if you are looking for a change from the overly serious.

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