Currently Watching Update-Missing You and Panda and Hedgehog

Panda and Hedgehog

  • Well I happened to have been watching what have to be two of the most depressing dramas in kdrama history, A Love to Kill and Missing You at the same time.  Understandably I needed a little more sweet and less sour to recover from A Love  to Kill. So I decided to watch Panda and Hedgehog because how could a kdrama be anything but happy with a name like that?   I am now on episode 11 and it is indeed as light hearted and cutsey as I expected.  It is a predictible, enjoyably slow stroll in the park, which is just the spoonful of sugar I needed to make the medicine go down.   It may not be winning any grandiose awards anytime soon, but it is a drama to smile at.

Missing You

  • While so many people cannot seem to stomach the sheer depression of this drama, I for one am still majorly on board, in fact I am entirely wrapped up in it and loving every tear jerking moment.  I will sum up how I feel about it in a comment I left on another blog-

“I actually really love this drama, given I am a huge YEH fan, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have given it a second look, but nonetheless I began watching it with serious apprehension because I normally run away immediately from melodramas. This one is different though, it has a very distinct feel from other melos. Rather than it being psychotic spoiled rich people blowing their ridiculously stupid problems out of proportion, it actually feels like gritty real life drama, which I am all about, even if it is twisted and difficult to watch sometimes. The feel of it reminds me of the movie “The Crucible” starring Gong Yoo, which actually was so tortured that it makes this show look like a box of fluffy kittens. But nonetheless I ate up the dark, gritty, indie feel of that movie just like I’m eating it up in this drama. But all that being said, I can definitely understand how this is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, I am very happy to see that Yoon Eun Hye is taking on a much heftier role that will maybe allow her to bring out some of that much loved depth of character and earnestness that we saw in Coffee Prince, though something tells me that we are not going to see the level of cuteness of Go Eun Chan…”

  • I was super excited to see YEH this week!!   I think she is doing a great job so far and I can’t wait to see more interaction between her and Yoochun.  Speaking of Yoochun, he is actually really surprising me, I think this is going to be the big role where he really taps into that inner actor.

4 thoughts on “Currently Watching Update-Missing You and Panda and Hedgehog

  1. Glad you’re still on the MY train. 🙂 Your update and that comment from koala’s playground(?) is a refreshing change.

    I really hope the chaebol stuff won’t take center stage in that drama. *praying that Show focuses on relationships*

  2. I still need to find something cute and fun to watch… Been hitting some way heavy stuff, and/or shows that are just outside of my genre.. Panda sounds sort of fun, but then I look at my PTW list, and there are soo many shows still to go through..

    • Depends on what you want. Panda was definitely lacking in the romantic chemistry department, but the show surprisingly wasn’t really focused on that. It was more about friendship and family and of course taking down an evil corporate tycoon lol.

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