A Love to Kill

I watched this drama on Hulu

I chose not to write this review right after I finished watching it last night because all I could think of was WTF… SERIOUSLY WTF!!!  I was really enjoying this drama despite the fact that the entire plot was centered around revenge based on misunderstandings and ridiculous overreactions by  seriously psychologically impaired characters.  For some reason it was just like one of those guilty pleasure dramas for me where I knew it was bad, but I liked it anyway and didn’t care.  Hell, even the music was way off the deep end with its dramatizations.  And Shin Min Ah, let’s just say that as much as I love her, she’s come a long way with her acting abilities since ALTK.  Rain on the other hand was impressive as always, even having the nastiest snotting fits ever during his sob scenes (really, it was SO GROSS!!  But touching nonetheless…)

Even despite all of this I found myself totally sucked in and overlooking its many many faults and just enjoying the very tumultuous ride.  I think maybe it was just Rain’s whole bad boy aura that captivated me, I mean he was really working it to his advantage. But whatever it was that kept me coming, I was totally entertained.  That is until the last few episodes, during which I found myself hurling pillows at the TV and screaming the word idiot and its many synonyms at the leads.  The last episode may possibly be my least favorite ending ever.  I don’t care how dramatic and artistic they were trying to make it, I HATED it.  It was like a snowball with a big hidden chunk of ice in it.  You think you’re having a good time and then WHAM, you have big fat black eye.  Anyway, my point is that most of this drama is fun to watch despite the hairbrained stupidity, however if you watch it, brace yourself for a frustrating and severely depressing end.

For a cast list and more information visit http://wiki.d-addicts.com/A_Love_to_Kill


2 thoughts on “A Love to Kill

  1. “the entire plot was centered around revenge based on misunderstandings and ridiculous overreactions by seriously psychologically impaired characters.” Hahaha soooo true! I do hate it when the last few eps totally throw the viewer into a tailspin. wtf x2

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