Faith Vs. Arang and the Magistrate-A War of the Big Fall 2012 Sageuks


Synopsis-A captain of the king’s guard in the Goryeo era is sent to bring back “God’s Doctor” from “heaven,” however Heaven’s Door turns out to be the future and he brings back a plastic surgeon from Seoul, 2012.  The story is mainly about Goryeo’s fight against Yuan and the captain’s relationship with the king, queen, and “God’s Doctor.”

Ratings out of 10 (0 being the lowest and 10 being the highest):





Hottie factor-8



Fight scenes-5

Overall Rating-7

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Arang and the Magistrate

Synopsis-A man who can see ghosts crosses paths with a dead woman who is trying to remember how and why she died.  The man is searching for his missing mother and they look for answers together.

Ratings out of 10 (0 being the lowest and 10 being the highest):





Hottie factor-7



Fight scenes-10

Overall Rating-8

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I saw Arang first, and my breath was really taken away by the beautiful scenery and cinematography.  It also had a really attention grabbing plot and movie level fight scenes.  However, I felt like there could have been a little more substance to the relationship between Arang and the Magistrate, he really gave his all on his end, but I never really felt the depths of Arang’s undying love despite whatever shananegin’s she pulled to protect him.  Maybe it was the acting, maybe it was a lack of character development by the writers, maybe a little of both, but she just didn’t quite have the “it” factor on her end of the relationship.

On the other hand you’ve got Faith that had certainly an amazing set and some of the most beautiful costumes I’ve ever seen, but was definitely lacking in the plot department.  There were many wasted opportunities and let downs along the way.  However, the relationship between the leads was a truly beautiful romance.  The kind that just makes you sigh with happiness because you’re just so wrapped in the emotional ooze.

So really it just depends on what you’re looking for.  I personally preferred Arang a little more because it was just so spectacularly beautiful to look at and very different from other sageuks that I’ve seen.  Either way you go you’ll get something worth while out of it, so it’s up to you!!


9 thoughts on “Faith Vs. Arang and the Magistrate-A War of the Big Fall 2012 Sageuks

  1. If you did a mash-up, Faith and Arang could actually make the perfect show: one has a good plot, one has a good love story, and they both have more hot guys than they know what to do with. (Literally, in the case of Faith. They might as well have called it Flower Boy Barracks.)

  2. Didn’t see Arang. Not a huge fan of the historicals, because they mostly lack in steam (and amazing kissing scenes. lol) I agree with you on Faith, which I watched purely for Lee Min Ho. Those two definitely had chemistry. I loved the series, but I will admit there were times where I was fast forwarding to watch the stuff between the guy and girl. I think they should have cut about 8 episodes out of that one. Otherwise I loved it. Loved his men and their characters. Loved that stuff with the King and Queen. Loved the time jumping aspect and the MC.

  3. I thought the romance suffered in Faith because the show was trying to be so many different things packed into 24 episodes. Honestly, I didn’t feel any chemistry between our heros but I think I’m the only one! It got slow at times but overall I really enjoyed it. And SO many beautiful boys to look at… I’m watching Arang next!

    • It’s funny how different people perceive things differently and connect to characters in different ways. Faith was definitely worth the watch even if it wasn’t my favorite sageuk. It definitely wins in the hottie department!!

      I think you will enjoy Arang. It is just really gorgeously filmed and has a very unique plot for a sageuk. It was nice to watch something different for a change,

  4. I love Arang…the chemistry both lead actor and actress are sizzling, the story and the scenery the best. I watched it over and over more then 10 time. I watched faith coz LMH but then i skip so many episode but I love the relation ship between the king and the Queen. So personally i like the acting of Arang actor and actress. I dont know the lead actor in arang but after watch he just good actor..however i can not connect with lead actor and actress of Faith eventhough I like LMH.

    • Faith really had some good points, but it also had a lot of flaws that made it difficult to watch at times. As for the chemistry between the actors, I feel they had a lot of it, but I have heard mixed opinions from different people.

      Arang was really a beautifully done show all around. It’s definitely one of my favorites. I wish I could see it on the big screen just so I could enjoy the beautiful scenery and special effects on a large scale with surround sound lol.

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