Currently Watching-Faith and Missing You (Mostly Spoiler Free)


  • I will admit I was not a huge fan of this show for the first few episodes.  I felt like the story was not well pieced together and I wasn’t overly fond of the female lead’s high strung personality.  But as time has gone on, the show has gotten a lot more interesting to me, mainly because I’ve become invested in the OTP.  There is just something really sexy about an aloof and emotionless soldier suddenly falling hard for a girl and even being willing to forsake his duties towards the king for her.  As far as the rest of the story goes, I still don’t care too much for it.  I feel like they really wasted an opportunity to do something truly awesome with the super powered villains and heroes, but chose to only display them every now and again in little short lived tussles.  Also, is it just tradition that the kings in saeguks all have to be ridiculous idiots?  They must not be fond of the kings in their history to continually portray them like this over and over again.  Ah well, every drama has its flaws, but Lee Min Ho definitely made the show worth finishing for me.  Nobody pulls off the sexy aloofness like he does lol.  5 more episodes to go!!

Missing You

  • I went into watching this show with a lot of apprehension.  Yoon Eun Hye in Coffee Prince is the reason I started watching kdrama in the first place.  I fell completely in love with the show, but especially with her portrayal of Go Eun Chan.  After CP, I watched every single drama and movie I could find that had YEH in it.  She just really has something charismatic about her that draws you in and makes her fun to watch.  However, I feel that her last two dramas were not the most well scripted and kind of put a damper on her ability to shine like she did in CP.  I have been holding out hope that she would be choosier in her next project and really pick something that was going to rock my socks off.  When I first read the description for this drama I was like “Oh God not one of THOSE dramas…” but I have been pleasantly surprised to find that it’s really totally the opposite from what I thought.  So far the child actors are incredible, it is well scripted and emotionally charged, but in a way that is compelling rather than making you want to rip your hair out, and the cinematography is absolutely gorgeous, on par with Arang and the Magistrate which it replaced. I am still a little apprehensive about Yoochun, but maybe this will be the script to make him break out of his usual robotic performance.  We still have yet to see YEH and Yoochun, but I suspect we will next week and I think with this script she’s really going to shine, I just hope that Yoochun can shine along with her.  Come on Yoochun, don’t let the child actor show you up!!!

8 thoughts on “Currently Watching-Faith and Missing You (Mostly Spoiler Free)

  1. Faith never really does take hold of the story and make something out of it. It was always fooling me with what I thought would be an interesting twist only to turn out to be nothing much. It sure was romantic though. That’s the one thing it really got right.

    • If I had to chose a show that was successfully romantic or one that had no romance but a great plot, I know which I’d go for =X And that’s probably why I’m enjoying Faith so much. I have exactly five episodes left to go like, too, and I’m looking forward to lots of smoldering glances and heroic girl-saving. Yay for girlie sageuk!

      I can’t wait to start I Miss You, too. Just one more week of Nice Guy and I’m there.

  2. Bbbut, I don’t wannna finish watching Faith… Can’t I just read recaps, and somebody give me a youtube link later to the sexiest scenes??

    Lol Julie, I just remembered that you usually don’t do melos. Takes YEH to get you to watch one, huh? I refuse to start Missing You for a while.. not gonna do it. I think I’ll wait at least a month or two, hehe.

    • Yeah I was pretty upset when I read the description originally and it was a melo, but it is really great so far. I will give anything involving YEH a try lol. I do like melos occasionally though, it just takes the right one. I really enjoyed Shining Inheritance and Padam, Padam.

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