General Update

My life has been crazy this past week, and I have actually not been able to watch much kdrama, so I don’t have any reviews this week.  I am going to review Arang and the Magistrate soon, but I want to rewatch a few parts over before I do (watching a drama over so many weeks leaves you forgetting details from the beginning).  Anyway here is a general overview of my life and my thoughts on kdrama:

Currently Watching

I am currently watching Faith, which I am enjoying, but I really wish I had seen it before Arang.  I feel like Arang was so visually spectacular that it has almost made Faith seem kind of draggy and on the boring side at times.  The fight scenes also seem incredibly fake in comparison to the dazzlingly choreographed fights in Arang.  However, I am not far into Faith, only on episode 5 because of the business of my life this week and the fact that my husband really wanted to watch something that we would both really enjoy, so we caught up on season 3 of The Vampire Diaries and have begun watching what has aired of season 4.  After having been so incredibly disappointed with American T.V. during the week I spent with no internet, I was pleasantly surprised to find season 3 of Vampire Diaries to be suspenseful and satisfyingly entertaining in a very cracktacular way.


So part of my business this week was all of my Halloween fun.  Since Halloween is my all time favorite holiday, I had to of course have a Tim Burton movie marathon day, a haunted house and pumpkin carving day, a Halloween social gathering, and haunted karaoke.  It was all fabulous fun!!  Here are some pictures and videos of my Halloween escapades, I’m the Katy Perry impersonator lol.

Ignore my bad singing in this video.  I’m posting it because of my hilarious husband in the modern “The Tick” suit that he made himself and our friend Bob who is someone from Mortal Combat.

In Other News…

I am in the process of buying my first house!!  I picked out a house this week and have been working out a deal with the owner to buy it.  He has agreed and I am just waiting to hear back from the private investor!!  I am so excited!!  We are returning to our hometown since we are both working down there now and will probably be starting a family sometime in the near future and would like to be close to our parents.


8 thoughts on “General Update

  1. I completely agree about Faith vs. Arang. Faith is okay (and actually gets better as it goes on—I’m on episode 11 and am truly invested in the OTP), but Arang was just so spectacularly beautiful pretty much anything else would look cheap in comparison. And I guess we have to give Faith credit that it’s creating a much bigger world than Arang, which has got to cost a lot more.

    Also, cute costume and amazing pumpkin! Congrats on the house buying: with the interest rates so low, now is the time to do it. I found buying to be a long, hard process, but once you move in, it’s all worth it. (Well, except when something goes wrong and you find yourself wishing you could call your landlord…)

    • Faith is definitely more interesting as it goes, but I really think they could have done a lot mor ewith the super powers aspect.

      Haha yeah we’ll definitely have to learn how to fix things ourselves 😛

  2. I miss watching drama but I just haven’t had the time!
    Feel like I’m missing out on good, relaxing entertainment!

    So nice you bought a house! I think for me it will be impossible to buy one in the years to come because our banks are really wary of handing out loans now…always were reserved but now even more so!

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