Wild Romance

I watched this drama on Hulu.

Sorry guys!!  I have been house sitting this week in the middle of nowhere and have not had access to the internet or a 3G or 4G network for my phone, so I’ve kind of gotten behind with my blogging.  I am temporarily visiting my parents today though so I am going to write this post while I am here and catch up on Arang (last 2 episodes!!).  Anyway, I watched Wild Romance last week because I have heard people say good things about it and I have not watched just a straight up rom-com in quite a while.  However, to my surprise it did not turn out to simply be a rom-com.

Now the first few episodes are straight out of the kdrama rom-com handbook.  The leads meet under bizarre circumstances which lead them to hate each other and then get forced to work together and continue to insult and pull shenanigans to annoy the other person and then have one misunderstanding after the other that lead to continually awkward situations.  I was even strongly considering dropping this drama in the first few episodes because it was so typical that it was boring and annoying, however once I made it past like the first 4 or so episodes a sudden twist occurs in the plot that turns it from a typical rom-com, to a suspense/mystery rom-com (weird right?).

The sudden change in plot definitely made the show a little more unique and interesting, though still not an award winner in my book.  It doesn’t take too keen of a Scooby Doo sense to figure out who the culprit is, though there is a little twist towards the end that I wasn’t expecting.

Though I would not say I was in any way enamored with this drama, it kept me curious enough to want to know what was going to happen in the next episode.  I think part of my dissatisfaction also lies in the fact that I found the lead female to be utterly obnoxious and she probably had the worst hair in the history of kdrama (Yes, I think she actually beats Joon Pyo’s ridiculous hair in BoF).  Overall, I would give Wild Romance a 3 out of 5, entertaining enough, but not a must see.

To read a synopsis and cast list fro this drama visit http://asianwiki.com/Wild_Romance



12 thoughts on “Wild Romance

  1. Is it shallow of me that everytime I consider watching this drama, I see the girl’s hair, and I conveniently find something else to watch? 😛

  2. I have to completely agree with this review. It had its moments here and there, mostly because of Im Joo Eun as the wacky best friend and the guy that played Wookie’s manager or whatever. They were actually pretty funny together. Otherwise, it was pretty meh, especially once they threw in the first love thing on top of everything else.

      • Lol Well it became a sort of accidental nickname among some of the people on MDL. I hadn’t planned on being renamed Rose, but it’s kind of catchy 🙂

  3. I had heard of this drama but it wasn’t until now that I realize the female is Lee Si Young, what did they do with her hair? I liked her hair in Playful kiss but why make her cut it?? no why perm it??

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