Answer Me 1997

I watched this drama on Hulu

What goes around comes around, and the 90s is back with a vengeance.  Acid wash, high waisted jeans, keds, and Furbies *shudder* are all back in the limelight.  This considered, it seems this was the perfect time for the already nostalgic 90s generation to enjoy such a lovely trip down memory lane as Answer Me 1997.

Though we didn’t live the 90s in Korea, and may not have swooned over the same boy bands, the teen dream bands they sported in AM 1997 had the same exact 90s sound and look as ours, only in another language.  If you lived the 90s, boy band fandom was universal no matter what corner of the world you may hail from.  And as it stands we seem to have not ever fully recovered from this tsunami that hit the air waves in the late 90s as Korea has as many boy bands as ever and with the emergence of One Direction they are once again being popularized in the Western world.  Reliving this part of the 90s as I watched crying and screaming teenage girls make complete and utter fools of themselves produced many laughs and smiles on my part.  It took me back to the days when my walls were covered in Backstreet Boys posters and I refused to buy or listen to an N’Sync album until the day I died.

More than just the nostalgia however, Answer Me 1997 really makes you feel its characters.  They are so real that they seem like they could be you and your best friends bumbling through your teenage years, making mistake after mistake, but still being able to love and appreciate each other for all you’re worth, because that’s what real friends do.   I am blessed enough to still be close with all of my dearest high school friends and we have floundered through the teenage and college years together and are now to the point where we are in our careers, married, and some having children.  Sometimes we still love to get together and laugh about all of the ridiculous stunts we pulled in high school.  If you have this kind of relationship with your friends, you can’t help but appreciate the beauty of it in AM 1997.

The way that the story was told bouncing back and forth between flashbacks and the present made it really interesting to watch.  You never knew where it was going to flashback to. and each time you saw a new memory and then it jumped back to the present it made you look at each character with a pair of new eyes, always adding a new dimension to who they were.  In this way the writers are really able to develop your personal connection to the characters and curiosity about their pasts and futures.

Answer Me 1997 definitely stands out as one of the most uniquely executed and well written dramas I have ever seen.  It also has an unusual amount of emotional depth that is deeply satisfying in a way that shallow, formulaic, surface dramas cannot be.  I give 5 out of 5 stars!!  It will definitely be in my top 5 when I get around to the much needed rewriting of my top 10 favorites.

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13 thoughts on “Answer Me 1997

  1. Teehee…I was team Backstreet, too. (Although somehow they were the only major boyband of the era I didn’t manage to see live.) I miss the 90s…and am glad you liked this show, too 🙂

  2. I somehow missed the 90s… Lol. I was listening to country and classical music, and never was intrigued by the Backstreet Boys OR N’Sync.. so maybe I’m weird.

    Either way. I still get the nostalgia of the show.. and now I’m still going through withdrawals.. 😦

    • I missed the boy band craze too. Maybe it’s just because fangirling is not my nature. At least not to any large extent. I just started watching this show and it reminds me more of my elementary school days than high school. That’s the last time I had posters on my wall.

      • Haha I have always been a little pron to fangirling…. The actual 90s was more like elementary and middle school for me (yes I still had Backstreet Boys posters on my walls in middle school lol), but I can also relate to the high school friend stuff because I still have that relationship with my friends.

  3. Love this one! I’m actually watching with my boyfriend so it’s taking forever. On the one hand I’m glad we are watching a drama together that we both like (maybe he’ll finally get over his Big trauma, I’m not over my Bad Guy or Fashion King traumas yet, these things happen). But on the other hand I want to finish it before I catch anymore spoilers.

  4. 1997 was when I graduated from High School. LOL This drama was next on my list for sure, and now it’s even more so. It’s gotten rave reviews from everyone I know. I was mostly just waiting until all the episodes were up because I totally hate waiting for the next episode. But right now I’m rewatching Best Love. *sigh* Still my favorite, after all the dramas I’ve seen.

      • OMG, you haven’t seen it yet? You must watch it. It has Cha Seung Won (of City Hall-the drama with the most amazing kiss in Ep.14) and Gong Hyo Jin (of Pasta). He plays a super star action hero and she plays a D-list has-been trying to make a living in the fickle celebrity world. Basically, he has never loved anyone but himself and he falls for her HARD. But unlike the typical Chaebol type prissy man, Doko Jin is pretty much the most awesome and hilarious character ever. It’s a Hong sisters drama (same people that did Big) without the huge disappointment. It also has the most adorable child actor I’ve seen yet in a drama. So good. So, so good. 🙂

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