Hana Kimi (2007)

I watched this drama on Youtube

I began down this path originally with To the Beautiful You, which to my surprise I immediately fell in love with.  So I decided to watch its original Japanese counterpart, Hana Kimi and compare them.  Even though the two share a common basic premise because they are based on the same manga, the Korean and Japanese interpretations turned out to be vastly different from one another.

Hana Kimi is more of a zany comedy with a few dramatic moments here and there.  It focuses more on the lead female’s relationship with the school and her classmates rather than just her romance with the male lead.  There were some major differences in plot, and I have only read about half the manga, but thus far neither drama really follows it very closely.  However, Hana Kimi’s wildly comedic approach definitely reflects the feel of the manga more than To The Beautiful You’s dramatic teen romance.
There were some really humorous moments in this drama that I could appreciate, but actually I was surprised because at times I found myself not really enjoying the total lack of seriousness.  I felt like a lot of the comedic scenes were kind of randomly placed and distracting from the main plot.  I also was not overly smitten with Sano’s character.  I felt like he was a more than prickly pear, and standoffish to the point where he was kind of uninteresting (although very nice to look at ;).  Hikatsu was a fun character, not nearly as adorable as his Korean equivalent Eun Gyul, but genuinely likable and entertaining nonetheless.

One thing that was definitely done better in Hana Kimi was Mizuki, the female lead’s cross dressing skills.  She actually looked and moved like a convincing boy.  I feel however, that somehow her character lacked the depth that I was expecting.

I did enjoy Hana Kimi, though I think my overwhelming love for TTBY caused me to be a little disappointed in it.  I will be watching the 2011 Japanese remake and comparing in depth the 2 jversions and the kversion soon.  If you are interested in a quirky comedy with loud slap stick humor, Hana Kimi is your drama.  3.5 out of 5 stars for me.

For a synopsis and cast list visit http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Hanazakari_no_Kimitachi_e


14 thoughts on “Hana Kimi (2007)

  1. I saw Hana Yori Dango first and hated the korean version of it,lol I guess it depends on what version you see first,lol I love this version and i tend to think that the korean version is a bit dramatic*but then most kdramas are that way*. Though I agree that sano’s character is nice to look at,lol and I loved nakatsu wayy more, though Eun Gyeol is cuter XD. I think you are gonna like the 2011 version better, its not as full of comedy as this one.

    • You know what, I think you’re right about the “first version watched” thing!
      I watched the Taiwanese version first and loved it over the Japanese or Korean versions. 🙂

      • The first version rule didn’t work for me with BoF, I watched it first before HYD and still didn’t like it, but I loved HYD.

    • Well actually, I watched Boys Over Flowers before I saw Hana Yori Dango and I still like Hana Yori Dango MUCH better. I think Hana Kimi just was a little too silly for me.

  2. quick question on your background next to the picture of spy myung wol what drama is that? not the coffee prince one but the pic on the left. where some guy is kissing someone, cant recognize it and its bugging me,lol

  3. I liked the Taiwanese HK a lot! I felt it was a bit more realistic and it’s very funny. It also deals with some mature undertones like a gay teacher and a boy who suspects he’s gay.

    If you have time you should try watching it!

    • Both the Japanese 2007 and the Korean version have the gay doctor and the second male lead who thinks he is gay because they took those main characters from the manga they’re all based on, I haven’t seen the 2011 Japanese version yet, but I suspect it has all those characters as well.

      • Ah, guess that one less difference then. I just watched the first episode of the Japanese and Korean version and didn’t like them at all. Too unrealistic and juvenille maybe 🙂

  4. Something I realized while watching Rich Man, Poor Woman: Japanese dramas aren’t for me. I think Nobuta was a fluke…the rest seem either too wacky and shallow or too mopingly sensitive. (Sometimes both at once, even.) It sounds like Hana Kimi might fall in the same category of shows that never quite manage to have emotional weight or resonance.

  5. I watched this drama on youtube because my friend recommend me to do soo….,
    and unfortunately this drama made me carzy and one by one i watched all the episode and I REALLY LOVE THIS DRAMA….. I guess..its the best… drama i ever watched… ❤

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