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An American Horror Story-A World Without Internet

Some of you may have noticed that I have not been particularly active on my blog in the past week.  This is because I was house sitting for my in laws, which turned out to be much like an American Horror story.

To begin with, they live in the woods in the middle of nowhere in a log cabin house with a bazillion windows that consequently have no curtains.  How do you sleep in a place like that?  Second, my cell phone got no 3 or 4G signal.  My provider is Verizon, how can this happen?  Third, and the most terrifying bullet to my list, I was not able to access the internet AT ALL.

Why would this be so significant?  As I access ALL of my drama through various internet sources such as Hulu, Drama Fever, and Viki, I was rendered completely unable to watch any kdrama for an entire week.  Oh nightmare of nightmares!!  What a terrible ordeal this was for me to go through!!  Never in my entire year and 4 months of obsessing over kdrama have we been separated for more than a day.  I swear it felt like I had lost a limb!!!

I kept reliving Coffee Prince scenes over and over in my head and listening to the soundtrack on my ipod until I felt like I was going to burst.  I have not been through a break up in eight and a half years, but this is precisely what it felt like to have my true love ripped out of my hands as I waited helplessly for the pain to be over… okay maybe that is a little too dramatic, and it is quite possible that I have been watching way too much drama and I am starting to act like the crazy characters I love so dearly.

However, as in all situations there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I believe two good things came from my temporary delve into the primeval world of internetless wonder.  One, being that I actually read quite a bit in order to find surcease from my incessant grief and boredom.  This is a pastime that I neglect far too often.  The second being that I realized something important as I was surfing through the tiresome Dish Network guide, praying desperately for something decent to watch on T.V.  I will not be made to feel ashamed of my kdrama addiction, because quite frankly American T.V. SUCKS, Honey Boo Boo being my case and point.  Thank the Lord for Korea and the wonderful additions they add to the world of television, where would I be without you?


Wild Romance

I watched this drama on Hulu.

Sorry guys!!  I have been house sitting this week in the middle of nowhere and have not had access to the internet or a 3G or 4G network for my phone, so I’ve kind of gotten behind with my blogging.  I am temporarily visiting my parents today though so I am going to write this post while I am here and catch up on Arang (last 2 episodes!!).  Anyway, I watched Wild Romance last week because I have heard people say good things about it and I have not watched just a straight up rom-com in quite a while.  However, to my surprise it did not turn out to simply be a rom-com.

Now the first few episodes are straight out of the kdrama rom-com handbook.  The leads meet under bizarre circumstances which lead them to hate each other and then get forced to work together and continue to insult and pull shenanigans to annoy the other person and then have one misunderstanding after the other that lead to continually awkward situations.  I was even strongly considering dropping this drama in the first few episodes because it was so typical that it was boring and annoying, however once I made it past like the first 4 or so episodes a sudden twist occurs in the plot that turns it from a typical rom-com, to a suspense/mystery rom-com (weird right?).

The sudden change in plot definitely made the show a little more unique and interesting, though still not an award winner in my book.  It doesn’t take too keen of a Scooby Doo sense to figure out who the culprit is, though there is a little twist towards the end that I wasn’t expecting.

Though I would not say I was in any way enamored with this drama, it kept me curious enough to want to know what was going to happen in the next episode.  I think part of my dissatisfaction also lies in the fact that I found the lead female to be utterly obnoxious and she probably had the worst hair in the history of kdrama (Yes, I think she actually beats Joon Pyo’s ridiculous hair in BoF).  Overall, I would give Wild Romance a 3 out of 5, entertaining enough, but not a must see.

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Answer Me 1997

I watched this drama on Hulu

What goes around comes around, and the 90s is back with a vengeance.  Acid wash, high waisted jeans, keds, and Furbies *shudder* are all back in the limelight.  This considered, it seems this was the perfect time for the already nostalgic 90s generation to enjoy such a lovely trip down memory lane as Answer Me 1997.

Though we didn’t live the 90s in Korea, and may not have swooned over the same boy bands, the teen dream bands they sported in AM 1997 had the same exact 90s sound and look as ours, only in another language.  If you lived the 90s, boy band fandom was universal no matter what corner of the world you may hail from.  And as it stands we seem to have not ever fully recovered from this tsunami that hit the air waves in the late 90s as Korea has as many boy bands as ever and with the emergence of One Direction they are once again being popularized in the Western world.  Reliving this part of the 90s as I watched crying and screaming teenage girls make complete and utter fools of themselves produced many laughs and smiles on my part.  It took me back to the days when my walls were covered in Backstreet Boys posters and I refused to buy or listen to an N’Sync album until the day I died.

More than just the nostalgia however, Answer Me 1997 really makes you feel its characters.  They are so real that they seem like they could be you and your best friends bumbling through your teenage years, making mistake after mistake, but still being able to love and appreciate each other for all you’re worth, because that’s what real friends do.   I am blessed enough to still be close with all of my dearest high school friends and we have floundered through the teenage and college years together and are now to the point where we are in our careers, married, and some having children.  Sometimes we still love to get together and laugh about all of the ridiculous stunts we pulled in high school.  If you have this kind of relationship with your friends, you can’t help but appreciate the beauty of it in AM 1997.

The way that the story was told bouncing back and forth between flashbacks and the present made it really interesting to watch.  You never knew where it was going to flashback to. and each time you saw a new memory and then it jumped back to the present it made you look at each character with a pair of new eyes, always adding a new dimension to who they were.  In this way the writers are really able to develop your personal connection to the characters and curiosity about their pasts and futures.

Answer Me 1997 definitely stands out as one of the most uniquely executed and well written dramas I have ever seen.  It also has an unusual amount of emotional depth that is deeply satisfying in a way that shallow, formulaic, surface dramas cannot be.  I give 5 out of 5 stars!!  It will definitely be in my top 5 when I get around to the much needed rewriting of my top 10 favorites.

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To The Beautiful You

I watched this drama on Viki.

I have actually been finished with this show for a week and I have been finished with Answer Me 1997, but I have been super busy and am just getting around to reviewing them.  If this show was a person, I would marry it.  Seriously, I was that enamored with TTBY.  Now the funny part is figuring out exactly why I fell in love.

I cannot say that this show will ever win an award for its originality.  They pretty much used every girl dressed as a guy and teen drama trick in the book (given however, that the majority of these tricks of the trade are actually in the manga it was based on).  The things that would normally make me want to tear my hair out and throw pillows and other random objects at the T.V. screen and scream “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THINGS SACRED CAN YOU JUST GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR BUTT!!!” strangely did not bother me in this drama.

I feel that it was all in the execution and the likability of certain key characters.  This drama had a lot of chasers, and by chasers I mean like when you take a God awful tasting shot of some horrid liquor like vodka and then lick the sugar off your hand and suck on a lemon to make it bearable.  TTBY had many of the same melodramtic moments as other classic kdramas (the horrid vodka shot), but they chose not to to linger on the drama and quickly moved on (like taking a shot instead of sippping).   Usually it was followed by some sweet endearing scene (the sugar) and little subtle comedic moments (the flavor burst of the lemon that makes you forget about the nastiness).  This made TTBY a much smoother ride than many teen dramas.

Some of the characters in TTBY were a lot of fun and easy to connect with.  My favorite of course being Eun Gyul who I have described before as being the human version of a Labrador puppy.  He was full of energy, zest, and had a genuine love for life and the people in it.  He alone makes this show worth watching.

While TTBY is not the deepest of dramas, not earth shattering or life changing, it is good, solid, enjoyable entertainment.  It’s a really refreshing drama to watch at the end of a crazy work day.  It does not require a lot of thought process, and it just made me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and be entertained.  I give it 5 out of 5 stars 🙂

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Yoon Eun Hye officially signs onto new drama-“Missing You”

So, I have just read that the rumors that have been circulating about Yoon Eun Hye starring opposite Park Yoochun in the upcoming drama “Missing You” are true.  YEH has officially signed onto the project.  Whether this is a good thing or not, I am not so sure.  While Yoochun has been in popular dramas recently (S-Scandal and Rooftop Prince), he is not what I would say the most gifted of actors, though he is not terrible either.  The whole premise of the drama does not sound particularly exciting to me (it is about childhood first loves who are separated by a tragic accident and then find each other again but go back and forth with one another), and what makes it worse is that there are only 4 weeks of filming that can be completed before the drama airs on October 31st.  So in short, I am very apprehensive about the quality of this drama and though I miss watching her, I wish YEH had waited for a better project.  However, there is always the possibility that I will be proven completely wrong and this drama will be amazing.  In either case, Yoon Eun Hye is my hero and I will always support her, so I will be watching it as it airs and cheering her on the whole way.  Fighting!!!

Hana Kimi (2007)

I watched this drama on Youtube

I began down this path originally with To the Beautiful You, which to my surprise I immediately fell in love with.  So I decided to watch its original Japanese counterpart, Hana Kimi and compare them.  Even though the two share a common basic premise because they are based on the same manga, the Korean and Japanese interpretations turned out to be vastly different from one another.

Hana Kimi is more of a zany comedy with a few dramatic moments here and there.  It focuses more on the lead female’s relationship with the school and her classmates rather than just her romance with the male lead.  There were some major differences in plot, and I have only read about half the manga, but thus far neither drama really follows it very closely.  However, Hana Kimi’s wildly comedic approach definitely reflects the feel of the manga more than To The Beautiful You’s dramatic teen romance.
There were some really humorous moments in this drama that I could appreciate, but actually I was surprised because at times I found myself not really enjoying the total lack of seriousness.  I felt like a lot of the comedic scenes were kind of randomly placed and distracting from the main plot.  I also was not overly smitten with Sano’s character.  I felt like he was a more than prickly pear, and standoffish to the point where he was kind of uninteresting (although very nice to look at ;).  Hikatsu was a fun character, not nearly as adorable as his Korean equivalent Eun Gyul, but genuinely likable and entertaining nonetheless.

One thing that was definitely done better in Hana Kimi was Mizuki, the female lead’s cross dressing skills.  She actually looked and moved like a convincing boy.  I feel however, that somehow her character lacked the depth that I was expecting.

I did enjoy Hana Kimi, though I think my overwhelming love for TTBY caused me to be a little disappointed in it.  I will be watching the 2011 Japanese remake and comparing in depth the 2 jversions and the kversion soon.  If you are interested in a quirky comedy with loud slap stick humor, Hana Kimi is your drama.  3.5 out of 5 stars for me.

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Happy Birthday YEH!!!

Today is Yoon Eun Hye’s birthday.  Since she is my favorite kdrama actress I just wanted to give a little shout out on my blog 🙂  She turns 28 today, hard to believe!!  My birthday is actually the 16th, power to awesome October babies!!!  Well anyway, happy birthday to the birthday princess!!  YEH, we love you!!! 🙂