TTBY, Arang, and Hana Yori Dango Update


  • Episode 11 was kind of whatever for me because it was mostly about that skank hoe.  However, two very amazing things did happen.  1.  Eun Gyul had the most incredibly adorable sock puppet moment ever (How could you not love this character?) and 2.  Eun Gyul finally confessed, and it wasn’t a big production, just a very honest conversation between two friends, which really fit his character.  Yaaaaay!!!
  • Episode 12 was one of the most wonderfully cracktacularly adorable kdrama episodes of all time.  I am in such a quandary here because I am so in love with both the male lead characters.
  • I can’t believe it’s almost over!!  Only two more weeks!!  I know I am going to feel the way I do at the end of CP every time I watch it, like a piece of the world is missing… if only they could be real…


  • 11 and 12 were both great episodes!!  Great action scenes, some of the twists are beginning to be revealed, and FINALLY the magistrate is taking some action in the romantic arena!!
  • Please give us some more romance next episode!!  Come on Arang, stop trying to be the noble idiot because you’re going to hurt him if you refuse him anyway, so you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, so you may as well enjoy it while you can!!!
  • I really hope this doesn’t have a sad ending….

Hana Yori Dango

  • Since I am planning on comparing TTBY and Hana Kimi (the Jdrama and manga), I decided to do the same with BoF.  I am currently watching the J-version, and am planning on re-watching the k-version since it has been so long, and I also plan on reading the manga as well.  I am thinking of making this a new section on my blog.
  • So despite the fact that all of the boys except Rui are considerably less cute, I am pretty into the J-version.  I actually can’t seem to stop watching it.  I watched the first 7 episodes in one day, which is a lot considering how busy I have been lately.  It has all of the fun without all of the annoying stuff that bothered me in the k-version so far.  Thank freaking God that they don’t have her being on the swim team and then getting injured as a plot device, because I think the Korean BoF set the record for male/female damsel in distress in the water moments and I thought I was going to scream when I watched it before (at least this time  I will be expecting it)
  • Maybe it is because I cannot understand the lyrics, but the music is considerably less annoying than  the k-version.
  • I think the shorter length of episodes contributes to it being more to the point and less fluff than the k-version.
  • Rui’s personality is really different from his Korean counterpart it seems so far.
  • Is it just me or is the male lead more violent in this one?  I don’t remember him being quite that punch happy in the k-version. but maybe my memory is just foggy.
  • God Minako is SO much less ditzy and helpless than her Korean counterpart (and in my opinion a lot prettier too)
  • Having said all of this, the really crazy part is just now starting when the rich bitch mom starts to unleash her wrath on Minako, so it may get too ridiculously melodramtic and crazy for me yet.

12 thoughts on “TTBY, Arang, and Hana Yori Dango Update

  1. Skank Hoe? LMAO. I hope we’re done with all the pretending not to know and pretending not to like each other. Though I don’t know how I’m going to handle it when Eun Gyul gets all his hopes dashed.

    As for Arang, she’s nuts. If you had a month left on earth and Lee Jun Ki was putting the moves on you would you back away? I wouldn’t! I don’t understand why she wouldn’t want to live to the fullest in the time she had.

    • I think Eun Gyul will take in stride, because that’s what’s so appealing about his character. He doesn’t create giant drama mountains out of mole hills like normal characters. He is just a ray of sunshine 🙂

      I know right? Arang will come around though, hopefully in the next episode!!

  2. I was really not prepared to enjoy ep 11 of TTBY since it was about Han Na, but surprisingly I started to almost like her a bit by the end. At the very least I stopped hating her.

    Also, is it just me or has Eun Gyul lasted as a main and potential love interest much longer in this series than the underdog guy usually does? There’s only 4 episodes left and he’s still a key player! Loving it!

    HYD is on my list to watch too, when I get around to it. I spend so much time on the computer already that I’d rather watch what I can on Hulu Plus than stare at my screen any more, and sadly that is what J-Dramas require of me. Oh well. I’ll get there. =)

    P.S. It’s Hana Yori Dango, not Hana Yango Dori. hehe

    • Haha thanks for pointing out my temporarily dyslexic moment lol 😛

      Yes Eun Gyul is a fighter!! He’s hanging in there!!

      I’ve really enjoyed the Jdramas I’ve watched so far. They have a different feel from k-dramas, but are enjoyable in their own unique way.

  3. Rui is my favorite character in a BoF-esque drama. Hana Yori Dango actually makes him seem a little quirky and 4d, while BoF was so interested in idol service that Ji Hoo was boringly perfect. I’ve been thinking about rewatching BoF, too—did I love it so much originally because it my first real Kdrama? Or is there actually something of merit buried deep in that hot mess?

    • I really like the J-drama Rui, he’s definitely a lot more interesting. I am surprised that I like the J-version so much, but I think a lot of the annoying typical teen k-drama plot devices that drove me nuts are not in the J-version because of it being so much shorter,

    • No, but thanks for posting it!! I would be super excited to see YEH in a new drama and I really like Mickey Yoochun, but I was a little skeptical when I read the plot overview of the drama. I think she needs to break out of that mold. But you never know. I mean if you were to summarize CP’s plot it wouldn’t sound all that different from a lot of other dramas, but the execution of the script and the time and attention to detail of the relationship between all of the characters made it completely different. So I could be surprised by it. OMG I so miss her though!!!

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