TTBY and Arang Episodes 7 and 8


  • I love this show so much that I am considering going back and watching all 8 episodes in a row before 9 and 10 air this Wednesday… that’s pretty sad isn’t it?
  • I know she is pretending to be a boy, but I think what makes me love this show so much is that it is so incredibly girly.  It makes every cheesy girly feeling I have go crazy when I’m watching it.
  • Why weren’t there guys like Tae Joon and Eun Gyul at my high school?  I feel so jipped right now…
  • Why is face cream like the ideal gift in kdramas?  I mean not that I don’t use stuff on my face, but it’s not a very fun gift.  Plus you’re kind of telling them they need to work on their face…
  • If I dressed like a guy for a while would I have two really hot guys fighting over me?  It works every time for kdrama girls…
  • Yes Tae Joon, give in to your feelings… you know you want to!!!
  • I hope Eun Gyul is about to confess, I seriously hate when they have these giant cliff hangers and make you wait a week only to fake you out… my luck chapstick kid will come walking up out of nowhere and ruin the whole thing.
  • I don’t know what it is, but I swear this is one of my all time favorite dramas so far.  Like seriously I think it is beating out Que Sera, Sera and both the INRs.  I think CP is the only drama topping it for me right now.  I was not expecting this at all.  What is wrong with me?  I usually don’t like cheesy bubblegum teen dramas…  It is just so darn cute and entertaining…


  • Dol Sae acts like a classic immature kdrama girl, his man crush is a little awkward, but entertaining nonetheless… him and the shaman will be super cute though.
  • WTF???  Why do they think every supernatural evil thing eats livers?  What is so great about liver?  Remind me never to go in a cave while visiting Korea, there will surely be some sort of liver eating supernatural creature lurking in the darkness…
  • Love the gumiho reference ha ha
  • This poor girl.  How many times will she have to die before the third full moon?
  • I totally sounded like that annoying person in the movie theater all the way through episode 8 “What’s that crazy b**** gonna do with those… Oh Lord, she really is a crazy b*****!!”,  “Don’t go in there, don’t do it!!”,  “NOOO!!! Can’t you see the rope is breaking!!”, “Don’t fall for it, just run away!!  Run far, far away!!!”
  • And so the love triangle begins…

5 thoughts on “TTBY and Arang Episodes 7 and 8

  1. I so totally agree about TTBY being an unexpected favorite. It’s the perfect late-summer drama: candy colored and cute.

    I was noticing what a difference a compelling script makes in episode 8. It was essentially the same thing as Big’s camping episode: an excuse to shill brand-name outdoor gear. But what was boring and incongruous in Big is so cute I could barely stand it in TTBY. I hope this drama stays as enjoyable throughout—and I definitely plan to rewatch the whole thing in one go before the finale airs 😉

    • I thought the same thing about Big having a camping episode, but TTBY did a much better job. It was SO cute!! Tae Joon was being all protective and stuff and Eun Gyul was being his normal adorable self. Him worming across the grass in his sleeping bag made me laugh so hard!! Why didn’t he just get out and walk? Because he’s Eun Gyul…

  2. Don’t worry, I’m in the same boat. I think CP is the only one still winning out over TTBY, and that’s even a close race. It will really depend on how the rest of this series goes. I want Tae Joon and Eun Gyul to both hurry up and confess! It’s driving me crazy! And even though I like Tae Joon and am pretty sure she’ll end up with him, I love Eun Gyul so much it’s killing me to not just scoop him out of the TV and take him home myself. (I will probably end up rewatching these this next weekend too…. need something while I’m waiting for the new ones!)

    Which by the way, have you happened to have seen The Moon That Embraces the Sun yet?

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