Things Kdramas Make Me Crave

  1. Noodles-I don’t know how many times I have had to make and/or go out and order some form of Asian noodle dish because I am constantly watching people eat delicious looking noodles on kdramas and jdramas.  In fact, I have a giant pot of ramyun cooking as I write this…
  2. Asian liquor-I have two sets of cute little Asian bowl cup things with matching little plates and I love to be a giant nerdy loser and drink soju/sake/and or Asian wines out of them while watching my dramas…  I actually did this last night, bought a giant bowl of spicy ramyun at a local Japanese restaurant and then bought some sake at World Market and went home and drank it in my cute little Asian cups while watching dramas (keep in mind this was my Friday night).   Go ahead laugh if you want… I laugh at myself all the time…
  3. Random cute things-Since watching kdramas and observing all of the little needlessly cute things that kdrama girls have I developed a habit of collecting those types of things too.  For instance, when I went out to buy a tape dispenser it couldn’t just be a regular tape dispenser, it had to be shaped like a high heeled shoe.  When I bought a flash drive it was in the shape of a cute little animated Asian monster whose head is the protective cover and comes on and off.  My contact case has two little piggies that screw off instead of just regular circles.  You get the idea…
  4. Asian cosmetics- I look at how perfect the skin and face of some of these girls are and wish I could even come close.  I have found myself switching to BB cream and now being obsessed with it.  There is never a day where I do not put moisturizer on my face.  I may actually own two pairs of circle contact lenses (only for special occasions, not every day use…)  and I have even entertained the thought of trying that eyebrow filler stuff they use just to see how it works (it’s so weird!!).
  5. Asian fashion-I love how kdrama and jdrama girls make really bold statements with their clothes (not so excited about men’s bold statements in some dramas though…)  I find myself buying shirts with the black nun collars and cutsie little prints with things like scottie dogs with red bows all over them.  I have to wear boots with all kinds of things now (no lie there was a pair of white slouch boots that the second lead in Goong wore all the time that I was obsessed with and I bought some just like them and now wear them ALL the time.  I always get complimented on them though…)  I also wear little clips with bows and flowers and such in my hair all the time despite the fact that I am a grown woman…

Do you guys have anything that kdramas make you crave?


17 thoughts on “Things Kdramas Make Me Crave

  1. Oh don’t even get me started on the noodles.. I am a big cooker, and most of my meals are Korean (I even make my own radish kimchi) – but even after a giant bowl of rice and stirfry or whatever yummy concoction or array of side dishes I can pop out on demand… I still crave stove-top Ramyun! With an egg, kimchi, and lots of freshly scissor-cut green onions. I even bought a giant box of to-go ramem fo my husband when he’s at work. He takes his chopsticks with him. 🙂

    I don’t have the Asian liquor bowls, but I have been buying lots of Sake lately, just to try out each brand. My god is it fabulous! Smooth like a more guzzable wine, and tastier/fresher than vodka. *imitates Koreans’ afterdrink hissing sound* I can’t find Soju anywhere.. that upsets me. Even the big Korean grocery stores in Houston (where I always make a pitstop when I’m there visiting people) don’t sell Soju! I did find makgeoli though… Haven’t opened it yet, but it looks properly thick and rice-watery.. hehe.

    • I am just starting to experiment more with cooking Korean foods, but my ramyun was delicious (I just ate some leftovers for lunch 🙂 Soju is indeed hard to find and they don’t have it very often where I buy my Asian drinks, so I usually end up with sake or rice makgeoli , but more often than not sake. When I went out of town with my husband to Orlando last weekend I dragged him out to a Japanese bar at City Walk just so I could buy some very expensive soju lol. The best soju I have ever had was at a little hole in the wall extremely authentic Asian bar in New Orleans. They had all different brands. It was awesome!!

  2. For me it was jajangmyung(?) when I first started watching kdramas, it seemed to be everywhere*in the dramas* so i basically became obsessed with wanting to try it. Since i wasn’t sure where to buy/get it from I decided to make it myself and headed to the nearest Korean store I could find. Got myself a recipe from Maangchi(?) and tried doing it but I must have messed up somewhere because it looked more like a soup,lol I even tried doing samgyupsal and that was delicious!

  3. Sorry, I can’t laugh at you—I’m too busy wishing you lived nearby so I could stop by for one of your drama-and-Asian-booze Friday nights. I’m obsessed with bb cream, too, and have been faithful moisturizing and using sunblock since I was a teenager. And yet my face is still a nightmare. How these Kdrama girls have such gorgeous, glowing skin is totally beyond me.

    Asian dramas make me long for ramen, too. And cooking skills—I look at those tables of yummy looking side-dishes and kick myself for being lazy and incompetent in the kitchen. Plus, for some reason I really want one of those hoodies with creature ears…which is totally inappropriate for my age group, even in Korea 😉

    • Hehe. Asian hoodies! I’ll second that! Actually I want the cute little bear-ears beanie that G-dragon wears in One of a Kind, and/or the bumble bee striped hoodie Ra Im wears in Secret Garden…. Also, the figure to wear short shorts and cute breezy skirts… I think I’ll just stick to beanie… That seems more practical. *sigh*

    • I know, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we lived near each other and could have drinking/noodle eating/kdrama watching marathons. That would be amazing!!

      I have tried all sorts of things on my skin, but I always have a least a couple pimples here and there, it’s so annoying!! But my skin does look young at least, I get mistaken for high schooler all the time lol. I love how bb cream makes my skin feel though. Asian genius!!!

      I am still trying to improve my cooking skills, but I can make a few Asian dishes. I totally dig the creature hoodies!! I may actually have a beanie that has cat ears and eyes…..

  4. Everything in your list! Hahaha I’m jealous about anything cute/pretty in kdramas. And I also want to eat all those weird angsty foods they binge on when they’re trying to get over someone.
    I’m luckier than you because there are a lot of Korean themed restaurants here. 😀 I eat bulgogi kimbap w/ kimchi almost every week.
    Liquor is also not a problem here. There’s always a foreign food/korean section in all major supermarkets. Unfortunately, I don’t drink. (Yes, even at 24. *hangs head in shame*) So I just bought a bottle of soju and stare at it, pretending to be badass. 😛

    • Aww now I’m jealous!! Tallahassee is the smallest most pitiful excuse for a capital city ever. You’d think with there being so many foreign exchange students at Florida State that we’d have better foreign restaurants and more choices, but no such luck.

      Not drinking is not a bad thing. It’s not particularly good for your health or your wallet lol.

  5. Really though, BB cream where have you been all my life? It doesn’t feel all gross like foundation! It’s magic make-me-be-pretty-cream! Soju is a big one too. Especially since so many dramas show you how to (Soulmate, I’m looking at you) and encourage the one shot! approach. Korean BBQ is getting to be such a big chunk of the budget I’m looking into getting an at-home thingy. I’m buy premade banchan to eat with rice.
    My grandma who lives with us finds this all kind of weird. Especially all the spicy stuff. Why is all the ramen ramyen? She’s Japanese. Lol.

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