TTBY and Arang Update


  • I am so in love with the sheer adorableness of this drama.  What is it that makes the cheesiness less annoying in this one?
  • The second lead is quite possibly the cutest human being I have ever seen.  Seriously if a Labrador puppy was suddenly transformed into a human I think it would be Eun Gyul.
  • Love the CP tribute!!
  • So I hope Eun Gyul ends up with the sweet girl and not the crazy classic kdrama bitch, but knowing how annoying the kdrama overlords like to be he will probably end up with the bitchy girl.
  • Is it like a normal thing for boys dorms to have “Who is the hottest guy dressed as a girl?” contest in Korea?
  • Seriously, does nobody besides the doctor think it’s strange that she sings like a castrated 11 year old boy?  Nobody?
  • No matter how many times I see it I love the accidental fall into the guys arms *sigh*, especially in this case because the lead is so hot in a quiet and mysterious way.  I love that in this one he is a little prickly, but not in a high maintenance I’m too good for you way, just in a manly brooding way.
  • For some reason it is so hot to me in every girl as boy gender bending drama when the guy starts to fall in love with the girl while still thinking she’s a guy.  It’s not that I think gay relationships are hotter, just I think the fact that the man has to really get over his manly pride in order to admit he loves her/him, that’s definitely sexy.
  • Can’t wait for tomorrow!!


  • I knew there was something wrong with his mom besides her terrible plastic surgery.
  • What is up with his servant?  Does he have like a man crush or something?  He is acting like a rejected woman!!
  • Now I am starting to feel bad for her evil fiance, he was bribed into evilness when he was a young child and didn’t know any better and now he’s stuck with it.  What a crappy life.
  • This show is pretty morbid and creepy at times, I like it!!
  • Apparently this woman is like a succubus, sorry old man, should’ve had more to drink first lol.

10 thoughts on “TTBY and Arang Update

  1. I almost died of glee during the girl pageant =X How is that every other gender-swap drama didn’t think of having their girl who’s pretending to be a guy pretend to be guy pretending to be a girl? It hurts my head to think about, yet is awesome beyond measure. TTBY may not be the deepest show ever, but I love the cute and look forward to watching it every week.

    Still haven’t caught up on that Arang, but it’s sounding good.

    • Oh. And one other thing…I think one reason why these gender-bending dramas are so hot is because what’s happening in them is still kind of forbidden by society. There’s not a lot you can say that about anymore, in a world that doesn’t put boundaries on love the way it used to. That’s great for those of us who live here, but a bummer when it comes to storytelling. (Clearly, I’ve been thinking about this a lot in the wake of my Coffee Prince marathon.)

  2. Hehe, not sure about Korea, but there are plenty of cross-dressing pageants in my university. Specially for “predominantly male” colleges like Architecture and Engineering.

    You get the usual men-forced-to-cross-dress but also plenty of competitive groups who really train the guy to diet, shave, put on make-up etc. Just take a look at last year’s candidates. Some of them make me wonder if I’m a girl. (check the long gown competition O_O)

  3. All I have to say is if Eun Gyul were a puppy, I’d take him home. Then again I may take him home as a human and love on him the same way. lol Has to be my favorite second lead I’ve ever seen thus far!

  4. I keep forgetting you are ahead of me on both dramas,lol but i totally agree on the ttby’s second lead he is soo cute and adorable!,can i describe a guy this way,lol, I think its the eyes I kinda imagine him like the cat from shrek,lol and his wild daydreams omg ><

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