Young Bok and Yoon Bok’s theme in Painter of the Wind :P

I have been out of town all weekend and until now have been unable to watch any kdrama, so I have to catch up on Arang,  TTBY, and Painter of the Wind before I can post about them.  However, while listening to my ipod in the car on the way home the song “Be Your Bro” by Those Darlins came on and it made me think of Young Bok and Yoon Bok from Painter of the Wind.  So as a random funny side note I am dubbing it their theme song and sharing the song with you so you can take a listen for yourself 😛


2 thoughts on “Young Bok and Yoon Bok’s theme in Painter of the Wind :P

  1. Interesting^ haha. I need to get to work on this drama sometime soon.. with all of you going on and on about it. 😀

    Oohh, so I made it over to the manga section of the bookstore yesterday and picked up a middle book of Hana Kimi… I had at least enough sense to remember that they open from the “back”, and so I tried to read a few pages. My head blew up though. Couldn’t manage to follow anything, lol. I think my eyeballs were just assaulted with so much stuff! (kind of like the original Hana Kimi, but in less color and without a goofy soundtrack). Maybe.. another day, another attempt. Fighting!

    • I love manga, but yes it is a lot at once. You just have to get used to it. I am really looking forward to watching Hana Kimi when I finish TTBY and maybe I will even get around to reading the manga :).

      I just bought the graphic novel of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and am very excited about reading it 😛

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