Currently Watching Update

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 1-4

  • Wow is all I can say about the scenery, filming, and special effects.  I feel like I am watching a movie on the silver screen.  It’s so breathtakingly beautiful!!
  • Can Shin Min Ah get any cuter?  I mean I really love and hate her at the same time for being simultaneously infectiously adorable and kick ass.  She’s definitely good at the mischievous supernatural roles.
  • This show is really well balanced.  There’s enough light humor to offset the melodrama (and not to mention the morbid subject matter), a lovely little romance story going on, and some really well executed action scenes.
  • So I wasn’t really on the Lee Joon Ki is super hot train *ducks* until this drama.  I think I’m starting to get it now.
  • I really want to know what they are sacrificing virgins to and whether or not it was her creepy fiance that killed her like they are kind of making it seem.
  • Can’t wait for Wednesday!! (Thank you Viki for being so fast!!)

To The Beautiful You Episodes 1-4

  • While I am not usually one for the sugar coated teen dramas, this one is as cracktacular as pixie sticks (God I haven’t had one of those in so long!!)  It is oozing with cuteness and is has had some spectacularly cheesy scenes, but for whatever reason it works for this show and I am loving every second of it.
  • I heard that the ratings were low, I hope this doesn’t make them do stupid hairbrained things to get them up like they did in Big.
  • I’m sorry, but in no way is she a convincing boy lol, all these guys are so gullible.
  • I feel like such a creeper and I am hoping they are at least 18, but both the male leads are super cute in different ways.
  • Amanda, I read your comment on your sidebar about the second lead being a giant Choi Han Gyul joke and I laughed so hard because I had just said the same thing to my husband.  He has a similar name, has used similar lines, and had a similar boy wedding dream (though I must say the two men living together married and the kid asking who gave birth to him was priceless lol).  But he is the cutest little goofy second lead ever and I already feel so bad for him.
  • I don’t know what it is about girl dressed as boy dramas but they are so good, of course CP will always be the best by far 🙂
  • In no way does that girl look like a good runner.  I could kick that girls ass at a marathon and I am not a talented runner by any means.
  • Why does the doctor look like the same age as the kids?

The Painter of the Wind Episodes 1-3

  • How did I not know that Moon Geun Young was in this?  I love her!!  Such a great actress and so pretty in such a unique way, like a little asian elf…
  • I think she is the most convincing girl as boy I have seen since YEH in CP.
  • The male lead looks SO much older than her, talk about robbing the cradle lol, but hey older guys are hot.
  • This drama is a little more melodramatic than what I usually watch, but I really like it.  It has a lot of good quotes too because they talk all poetically lol
  • They like these sort of brother sister romantic relationships in kdramas don’t they?  Awww poor hyung, going to lose to the cradle robber.
  • How do they drink so much in these dramas?  How do they not all die of liver failure at age 40?
  • I am really surprised Hulu had this drama, but I’m really glad that it did, I was starting to give up hope on finding a drama that would hold up against TTBY and Arang because I am so addicted to them right now.

13 thoughts on “Currently Watching Update

  1. I totally agree about the doctor in TTBY—he looks about 15 minutes older than most of the students. Which, of course, is just what I need, as I can barely tell anyone apart as it is 😉 You’re also right that the female lead isn’t a convincing boy (which may have something to do with the two tubes’ worth of glossy lipstick she wears in every scene). At least she tries, though, unlike Park Shin Hye in You’re Beautiful. TTBY seems to be having a lot of fun with other cross-dresing girl k-dramas, which is one of the reasons why it’s so fun. In addition to be Choi Han Gyuly, the second lead is a just like You’re Beautiful’s Jeremy.

    I think I’ve decided to wait until it’s done airing to watch Arang—I only saw the first episode so far, and keep finding these great old shows I’d rather be watching than something that has weeks left to run. It also doesn’t help that Peony in Love is so completely wonderful that no drama will ever compare. I just read the part with the death, which was so incredibly tragic. ::sniffle::

    And I’m glad you like Painter of the Wind 🙂 It’s definitely melodramatic, but I loved the painting parts. And Moon Geun Young is *amazing* in it.

    • She does wear a lot of lip gloss, but I think a lot of the guys are wearing just as much if not more lol (what’s up with the chap stick obsessed kid?).

      You’re right!! I totally didn’t see it until you pointed it out, but he has the same hair as Jeremy and everything!!

      Yeah I was thinking about how long I am going to be watching Arang lol, a LONG time. But oh well I’m hooked now.

      Peony in Love is just fabulousness itself. It is so good in every way!! I would just die of happiness if they made it into a kdrama. I’m glad you are liking it!!

      Yeah I tried to watch Shut Up again and only made it to episode 5, I think it’s just not my cup of tea or I keep trying to watch it at the wrong times. But I really like Painter of the Wind so far. The painting parts are really artsy and pretty and I like that the romance is like a double whammy, a much older man and she is pretending to be a boy. I like my romances extra scandalous lol.

      OMG!! What a quote!! I’m on episode 4 of Painter of the Wind, the part where she’s like “Show me everything, what’s underneath your clothes… your heart, spirit, and strength” I’m sorry I had to laugh when she followed up with heart, spirit, and strength. Ha ha ha ha!! Should’ve known she wasn’t a guy right then!! 😛

  2. Welcome to the Lee Jun Ki is Super Hot Train! I’m the one shoveling coal into the fire.. best job in the world. And by the way, You RRRRREEEALLlllly need to finish watching Time Between Dog and Wolf. I just read koala’s drama review post over it, complete with many super hot pictures, so I feel like I just watched it again.. And if you ever needed convincing, Jun Ki oppa is just… ahhhh. (Incidentally, as best I can find online, he hasn’t had plastic surgery – my husband said that’s a relief, because he couldn’t imagine how any guy would do that to himself to get that super pretty feminine look; then again.. one angle may be girly, but the rest is damned masculine hot!)

    As for TTBY: I’m glad other people are peeved about the lipgloss.. I put it on hold after 2 eps to give myself some breathing room after Hana Kimi. And I still refuse to watch Arang for a while.

    • I don’t think he’s feminine looking, I think he was just too asian looking for me before lol, if that makes any sense. I find a lot of asian guys really attractive, but I feel like he looks more like the typical old school asian stereotype. Did you say that Time Between Dog and Wolf was on Youtube? I wanted to finish it but every time I tried to watch I was thwarted by dramacrazy’s unreliability.

      I am going to watch Hana Kimi after I finish TTBY and then compare. Arang is really really good, but it is like 20 episodes long so it will be stretched out over 10 weeks (eek!!), so that means I have 8 weeks left to finish it (not to mention if they decide to add episodes later on). I am going to stick it out though. Now that I’m working again I feel like I blink my eyes and a week has gone by already. Really, I can’t believe it’s Tuesday, I feel like I just watched Arang and TTBY yesterday and they air again tomorrow!! (And thanks to Viki I will be watching them tomorrow night before I go to bed lol)

      • TBDW on the MBC Classics Channel:

        I saw LJK for the first time in My Girl – and the very first scene I appeared in, I swear to God I thought it was a girl, and he was in bed with another girl, and I was really confused about what I had just started. Then he stood up … but I could never really get used to him after that. It took a good bit of Iljimae before I could get used to looking at him. I guess he does look just too Asian. To me he almost doesn’t even look Korean, he’s so Asian looking – maybe that’s why he’s so unique hehe.

      • Thanks!! I will watch it after I finish Painter of the Wind.

        I have seen My Girl, but I don’t remember him striking me as that girly. I’m going to have to go back and look at some clips.

      • I didn’t get Lee Jun Ki’s appeal at first, either, and had the exact same reaction to him in My Girl—I was all “And people say Korean drama never includes gay characters!” It took a while to sink in that he was actually a boy 😉 Throughout that whole show, he was too fey and delicate for my tastes. It took his bad-assery in Time between Dog and Wolf to really sell me on him. And now I’m so sold, I’ve had this in my e-mail inbox for like a week, but can’t quite bring myself to trash it:

        ::sigh:: I wish.

    • It says: “DramaFever News: Lee Jun Ki is waiting for you.”

      By the way, I just left some friends’ house for dinner. The conversation went,
      Me: Well, I’m off.
      Friend: What are you doing tonight, then.
      (My husband is working until late, btw)
      Me: Oh, just to stare at some hot Asians..
      Me: Oh, uhm, that just sounded wrong… but it’s kind of true… ?

  3. Oh good… I’m so glad you’re watching To The Beautiful You too! I’m so invested in this one, it’s like a drug I’m addicted to. I haven’t been this way with a drama since CP so I’m THRILLED. I agree with you though, since ratings are low I seriously hope they don’t compromise the style they have going for this show. Is it bad I’m totally rooting for Eun Gyul? Then again I almost always do. Han Sung (CP), Ji Hoo (BBF), Joon Gu (Playful Kiss)…. I have to give it to TTBY though, for once I don’t hate the lead male for the first half of the series! It probably helps it’s SHINee’s Minho. How could I hate Minho? =)

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