Jdrama Number 2-Absolute Boyfriend

“Love is the start of all things miraculous.”  This is a quote from the drama that definitely sums up the heart of it.  I am familiar with several of Yuu Watase’s mangas, and to date she is my favorite manga author because man can she tell a love story.  I have not read Absolute Boyfriend yet, but when I saw that there was a drama based off of it I knew it would be good because she is such a great writer.  I have had great luck recently and have watched a string of dramas that turned out to be exceptionally good, and this one definitely continued the streak.  It started out as an adorably funny rom-com about a girl who got roped into buying an “ideal boyfriend” robot and was not sure what to do with him.  The robot whom she dubbed Night, was much like students I have worked with who are on the autsim spectrum, incredibly socially awkward, honest and literal to a fault, but completely adorable and lovable.  He kept me laughing through every episode.

Then inevitably because it was Japanese after all, the show suddenly became much more serious and the ethical issues of “Is it right to produce a lover robot?” and “Does a robot who has developed his own will have a soul?” and “Is it right to have a relatinship with a robot?” come to the forefront.  I have seen movies such as Bicentenial Man, A.I., and the anime/manga Chobits that deal with this same issue and it always gets me.  I’m such a sucker for philosophical issues like this.

I was in such a quandry because I really loved both Night and Soshi’s characters (but I must say that Soshi was so dang attractive to me for some reason even tough I’m not usually one for the lanky type) and I wished there was some way she could be with both.  Well I sort of got my wish, but definitely not in the way I had hoped.  The ending made me cry and cry and cry, so if you decide to watch this be prepared because it came out of nowhere for me, I was not expecting it in the least.  So now that I am finished with this amazing emotional roller coaster I am left wishing it hadn’t ended so soon *sigh*.  I give Absolute Boyfriend 5 out of 5 stars, damn you Yuu Watase for making me cry evey time I read/watch your works!!

I apologize for making a big mistake and pasting the info for the Taiwanese show the first time around, I am reviewing the Japanese version, sorry about the confusion.

I got the following information from http://asianwiki.com



Robot maker, Kronos Heaven, finally develops “Night Tenjo”, the perfect male humanoid programmed to be devoted and completely loyal to his lover. The company chooses temp worker Riiko Izawa to take part in a 5-day free trial. At first, Riiko only sees Night as a household appliance. But when she finds out how deep Night’s devotion to herself is, Riiko finds herself falling in love with him.

Joining the “love triangle” is Soshi Asamoto, an executive of Riiko’s company. Other characters surrounding Riiko are Gaku Namikiri, the sales representative of Kronos Heaven, and Fujiko Wakabayashi, a cafe owner who gives romance-related advices to Riiko.


  1. Related titles:
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    2. Absolute Boyfriend SP | Zettai Kareshi SP (Fuji TV / 2009)
    3. Absolute Boyfriend | Jeoldae Geuyi (MBC / 2012)



8 thoughts on “Jdrama Number 2-Absolute Boyfriend

  1. Yes, that drama was amazingly good. I agree completely with your comments. Have you seen the Jdrama “Hotaru no Hikari”? Loved the female lead character. Also, another very dark and interesting Jdrama is “Himitsu” which looks at the switching of souls in a very serious and ethical light.

    • Hmmm no I just started watching jdramas, so I have only seen Nobuta Wo Produce and Absolute Boyfriend, but I will definitely be looking into those other two now, thanks for the suggestions :). I really like what have seen of jdramas so far!!

      • I just started Nobuta o Produce and really like it so far. After living in Japan I always felt sorry for the kids who were ‘different’ as bullying was an accepted part of their life. I hope you get a chance to watch Himitsu (secret) very unusual. and a good musical score, which I think Japanese dramas do exceedingly well, for some reason. Quite often a Taiwanese or some of the Korean dramas have such WRONG music that they become unwatchable. Thanks for posting about Nobuta.

  2. Sorry guys for accidentally posting the Taiwanese info the first time around, I fixed it and the Japanese info is now on there. Sorry for the confusion lol. I just copied the wrong thing.

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