What to watch next, that is the question…

I feel like I am experiencing an awesome drama hangover having just finished my first jdrama, Nobuta Wo Produce (I will get around to reviewing it eventually lol, but just know that it was amazing), and having started To the Beautiful You and Arang and the Magistrate all in the same day.  To the Beautiful You and Arang and the Magistrate mesmerized me with their first 2 episodes.  They could not be more different, but they were both so unbelievably cracktacular in their own ways.  I am slowly dying inside now waiting for the next episodes to air.  So now I have the issue of finding a drama that will not pale in comparison to these blaringly shiny gems.  I am trying to resist the urge to watch the Japanese version of TTBY, Hana Kimi, because I really want to watch another jdrama, but it would ruin TTBY for me because then I would know everything that’s going to happen before it happens lol.  So, if anyone has any good suggestions I am all ears.  I am just not in the mood for your run of the mill stuff since I am still in the wake of pure awesomeness…


18 thoughts on “What to watch next, that is the question…

  1. Yay for loving Nobuta! (And can’t wait for your review) I’m on my second watch already – this time with my husband. 😀

    I definitely advise you not to watch Hana Kimi yet.. I have that on good authority, because I decided to make a project of it and watch one episode of TTBY and one of Hana Kimi (2007), and… after a mediocre response to TTBY, I ended up sticking with Hana Kimi. Not sure why, but the Korean version isn’t really my cup of tea. I’ve put it on hold for a while, but in the meantime, when I’m not scouring Kdrama blogs, I’ve been marathoning Hana Kimi. It’s fabulous – but I’m not even sure how to compare it to TTBY. The style of each one is so wildly different. Imagine if Nobuta suddenly became Korean, with all the typical Kdrama plot devices and pacing. :::thehorror!::: I can’t even imagine how that would go. So yes, don’t compare with anything Japanese yet..

    I’ve watched the first two episodes of Faith, and the jury is still out on that one, but I’ve kind of decided to wait a little while on Arang: if it’s becomes terrible (Big) then I can ditch it without having suffered the pain; but if turns out to be fabulous, then I can gleefully marathon-watch it on hyperdrive! I’m going to at least wait a few more weeks. I’ve got plenty to occupy myself with in the meantime. 😀

    That said, have you seen City Hall yet? Or 49 Days? Both are on my top favorites list….

    • I’m totally fighting off the desire to watch Hana Kimi, too. I like the Korean version a lot, and in a way I think it would be neat to compare the two as they unfold. (Too bad the Japanese version is shorter, so it’s impossible to do an episode-by-episode comparison.)

      I’m going to hold off on your recommendation, Sara….Nobuta gone Korean-style is too scary to consider. Nobuta would end up being Akira’s sister or something, and then he’d donate a kidney to her, causing them both to somehow develop amnesia.

      • Akira shock!
        Somehow.. I think that’s exactly how it’d go.. oh yes, they’d replace the weird mysticism with indepth coverage of Akira’s dad’s top floor company, and play up his second generation chaebol-ness, and then not only would he buy Nobata even more pretty clothes, he’s also plan their wedding and invite everybody but her.. because of course he knows she’d show up just because he’s rich and because his hair partially covers his fabulous tanned face.. Actually that’s one of the things I really loved this show.. the lack of family angst, and Akira’s wealth wasn’t in itself the second lead character.

      • LOL!! You guys crack me up!! I decided to watch Absolute Boyfriend. It’s a pretty famous jdrama and it’s based off of mangas by my favorite manga author Yuu Watase, though Absolute Boyfriend is one of the only manga series by her I actually have not read. In a way maybe I will enjoy it more because I won’t be comparing it to the manga the whole time lol.

    • I am definitely going to have to watch it after at least. I thought about watching the Jversion of BOF because I’ve heard it’s better, but their Joon Pyo looks so ridiculous that I couldn’t bring myself to do it lol.

      • Now that I’ve taken my first few baby steps into Japanese (are they called Jdramas or doramas or J-doramas, because I’ve seen bloggers more knowledgeable than myself call them all sorts of things), I am mildly curious about the original source material in mangas… I’ve never been anything near remotely interested in anime, mangas.. I don’t even like cartoons in general! So I’m sort of wondering how long my anti-manga phase will last.. my husband’s been trying for months to get to me read graphic novels, yet somehow I just don’t like the idea of a book with too few words, or pictures that don’t move.. even if they come highly acclaimed and recommended. Still, I came close to walking down the manga aisle at a my local half price bookstore last week.. almost, and then I veered off into general fiction and sci-fi/fantasy. Too foreign a concept maybe? Then again, I once said I’d never listen to Kpop no matter how many dramas I watched..and as of yesterday, I can’t get Super Junior’s Mr. Simple out of my head (curse you boy bands! it doesn’t even sound all that good! it’s just damned catchy!!)

      • I’m honestly not sure what the correct term is for them lol.

        I love manga, but I’ve always been into comics and that sort of thing. I really love the artwork . I would give it a try at least once to see if you like it, it never hurts.

        I am not usually hugely into kpop, although I run across one every now and then that is really catchy. I freaking love the theme of To The Beautiful You I’m going to have to download it.

        Absolute Boyfriend is really cute and hilarious so far. Much more like a kdrama than Nobuta Wo Produce was, but it still isn’t quite as melodramatic and it definitely has Japanese humor lol. I’m on episode 4 so we’ll have to see if it continues to be as entertaining.

  2. I still have to yet to watch To the Beautiful You and Arang and the Magistrate i’m waiting till it gets at least till ep 6 I’ll just have to fight off the urge to read any spoiler articles on it*but who am i kidding im gonna read them anyways,lol* and nobuta wa produce…sounds familiar. Is it the one where the female lead become the step mom to 7 guys?,lol A jdrama to watch?…let me think about it I’ve watched a few but the only ones I found like amazing were hana kimi,hana yori dango(BOF),densha otoko(train man) and yankee-kun to megane chan.

  3. Out of curiosity, where are you watching your J-Dramas? I’ve been watching my K-Dramas through Hulu, but online streaming (and usually poor quality) is all I’ve found for the J-Dramas.

  4. Hi there. I think my intro to doramas was Kimura Takuya. I watched a handful of his dramas back in 2005ish. I think starting with popular stuff is good choice like Hana Kimi (though that’s outta the question for now I suppose) and Hana Yori Dango was the better version, totes cracktastic at the time, Makino was ballsy but Matsujun’s sexy emo Doumyoji was yum. He’s an acquired taste and he looks terrible in the promo material – so misleading. Let me know if you want some recommendatons, ciao.

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