A Gentleman’s Dignity

I watched this drama on Hulu

I know it’s been a while… I cannot even describe how crazy my week has been, but I did manage to finally finish A Gentleman’s Dignity.   Much of the appeal for this show for me was the unbelievable camaraderie and beautiful bromance between the four men.  I have no sisters, only 2 older brothers, so I guess I can relate.  I loved that when they got together, they were still the same young middle school boys that they were when they first met so long ago.  Ageless friendship is a beautiful thing 🙂

I really loved the male lead’s odd (even though prickly and stand offish) personality.  He hardcore reminded me of Johnny Depp with the way he had that kind of brooding vampire yet intriguingly intelligent and odd thing going on, plus he just kind of looks like him to me in general.  He wasn’t maybe my first choice of the 4, but he made a good lead.  I personally was a huge Yoon fan.  He was so gosh darn cute with his vampire pale skin and huge bush baby eyes, he always looked so innocent yet sad at the same time.  He was the nerdy little mother hen of the group, but he’s the one who ended up with the hot 24 four year old trophy wife lol.  God has a sense of humor 😛 (or in this case the writer has a sense of humor)

While I’m not sure that I was so crazy about the ending… it was a little too campy and overboard for even a show with this much goofiness and light hearted fun, I really still loved this drama overall.  It was very fun and humorous, but still enough of a balance of melodrama to make it interesting.   The flashback anecdote mini skits they did about the four men at the beginning of each episode were a really great touch.  It helped you to get to know the characters a little better and made their friendship feel even more real.  I also discovered Big Baby Driver because of the 2 awesome songs they used by her in this drama, what a great musical artist!!  As a whole I loved it and give it 5 out of 5 stars!!


I got the following information from http://wiki.d-addicts.com


A drama about the careers and love lives of urban professionals. It will tell the story of four men in their forties as they go through love, breakup, success and failure.

Kim Do Jin, an architect with a scathing tongue have romantic relationship with strict high school teacher Seo Yi Soo, who moonlights as an umpire at amateur baseball games. Im Tae San is dating a cold-hearted woman but wonders if there is someone else out there for him. Choi Yoon tries to heal his heart after losing his wife four years ago. Lee Jung Rok marries an older woman for money but may lose his comfortable lifestyle in a divorce. —viki


Extended Cast


  • Cha Hwa Yun as Seo Yi Soo’s mother (cameo, ep 16,19)
  • Kim Yoon Seo as Kim Eun Ji (cameo, ep 2,4,6)
  • Ahn Hye Kyung as Choi Yoon’s client (cameo, ep 2,10)
  • Sa Hee as Kim Do Jin’s seducer in the bar (cameo, ep 1)
  • Choi Sung Jo as Min Sook’s fitness trainer (cameo, ep 3)
  • Kim Kwang Gyu as high school teacher of Do Jin, Tae San, Yoon, and Jung Rok (cameo, ep 4)
  • Choi Soo Young as herself – Soo Young of Girls’ Generation (cameo, ep 5)
  • Kim Dong Gyoon as Na Jong Seok (cameo, ep 11)
  • Jung Yong Hwa as himself – Jung Yong Hwa of CNBLUE (Yi Soo’s former student) (cameo, ep 13)
  • Juniel (주니엘) as street performer at Hongdae playground (cameo, ep 13)
  • Kim Sung Oh as Private Kim / President Song’s son (cameo, ep 15)
  • Jang Joon Yoo (장준유) as Tae San’s blind date girl (cameo, ep 16)
  • Hye Jung (혜정) as daughter of Na Jong Seok (cameo ep 3)
  • SBS ESPN Announcer Bae Ji Hyun (배지현) as reporter (cameo, ep 20)

4 thoughts on “A Gentleman’s Dignity

  1. I hope you’re getting to relax this weekend after your hectic week! I definitely agree about this drama’s bromance—it’s super fun and cute, especially in the episode opening bits. Also, I get a Johnny Depp vibe from the male lead too, but I think he’s got a little bit of Alan Cumming in there, too.

  2. Dear, that’s not a trophy wife! That’s a whiny, stalker-y, albeit young wife. But I love Yoon too so if he’s happy, I’m happy. 🙂

    • Ha ha yeah she’s a whiner, but so are a lot of kdrama girls lol. You know he loves her stalking him like that, what 42 year old guy wouldn’t love to know her is adored by a 24 year old girl 😛

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