My Return to the Real World *sigh*

Ummm… does anyone actually have chalkboards in their class anymore? I thought they went extinct with the dinosaurs….

So the time has finally come, the new school year is upon us, and unfortunately I have to return to work full time this week for training workshops from 8:00AM-4:00 PM (with the exception of Friday yay!!), and then next week is pre-planning so it’s back to regular teaching hours, and the week after the students return *imagining the imperial march playing as I say that part*.  The beginning of the school year is always mega hectic and I will be very busy for the first few weeks.  I am also taking on the responsibility of coaching the cross country team this year (Yay!!  Go Tigers!!) and it is the first sport of the year and will begin as soon as the students return.  As usual, I will also be coaching Special Olympics throughout the whole year as well (which, I found out too late that the Winter Special Olympics will be held in South Korea this year and I could’ve applied to be a traveling Olympic coach but I found out a month after the applications had to be turned in.  What is wrong with me that I didn’t know about this amazing opportunity? FAIL!!).  This means that unfortunately my kdrama watching time will be significantly cut into ( sad day :() and I will continue reviewing and posting, but my posts will probably be limited to one or two a week and my reviews will come out more slowly as I will only be able to watch a little at night during the week and then marathon on the weekends (gotta love those weekend kdrama marathons!!)  I will also continue to read all of your posts on your blogs because I dearly love reading what everyone has to say, but I will probably not be able to check them every single day (boo :(), it will be more like every few days.  So bear with me guys until things settle down some at work, I love my blog community and will continue to keep up as much as possible 🙂



14 thoughts on “My Return to the Real World *sigh*

  1. *Sad tears* The real world is so harsh sometimes. Siiiigh. I likewise am doing school-prep: a seemingly non-exhaustive stack of busy work (including revising and reordering the entire student handbook ahhhh!!!). Though fortunately, the beginning of the school for me (I am not a teacher) doesn’t really mean I have to take a cut back on my Kdrama watching. It just means I have to actually do more work when I’m at work, instead of having ample time to browse around peoples’ blogs daydreaming about the dramas I’m going to watch when I get home.

    I’m going out in style for this summer though with a different group of friends, one who’s never seen a Kdrama. We participated in what I think should be an Olympic sport: The Kdrama marathon! The task: Secret Garden in two nights! Epic! Only we failed. :(. We completed ep 13 last night before passing out, and I’m really not sure we’re going to make it through church this morning.. I’m working on about 6 hours of sleep collectively since Friday. Ohh but it was fun! Too bad the group’s disbanding today, and we’ll all have to finish on our own this week.

    • Do you work as a school secretary?

      Awww that sounds like crazy awesome fun!! I’ve gotten two of my friends to watch a few episodes of CP, and they enjoyed it but didn’t go insane over kdramas like me, though one of my friends did mention to me a few days ago that she’d like to finish it with me sometime because she really liked it. Then I have one friend who is actually the one who introduced me to CP, her ex-boyfriend told her about it and she’s totally open to watching kdramas except she’s one of the busiest people I’ve ever known, so she never has time. She watched some of Big with me.

      I haven’t watched Secret Garden more than once, but I have been starting to re-watch dramas lately and it’s always neat to see how your perspective changes a little each time you watch it.

      • Yup, I’m an all-around school/church secretary. I don’t know what my job description actually is, but I do a bit of everything. I even have business cards! How cool is that!?

        I don’t often rewatch dramas, mainly because I’d rather spend the time finding something else to watch just as amazing. When I do rewatch, it’s with new people, so not only do I get to relive my all-time favorite dramas, I get to relive them through someone else’s eyes, which is sometimes more fun than seeing it for the first time myself.
        So far I’ve seen City Hunter (2 1/2), Coffee Prince (1 1/2), Secret Garden (2 1/2), Autumn in My Heart (1 1/2), and My Lovely Sam Soon (2).

      • Ha ha that is cool. I don’t have businiess cards lol.

        I don’t usually rewatch dramas (except CP, who knows how many times I will rewatch it before I die lol, I may have already watched it 4 times….) But for some reason lately I’ve been feeling nostalgia for my old favorites. I think I’ve just been so disappointed by a lot the dramas I’ve watched recently (save Que Sera, Sera and A Gentleman’s Dignity) that it’s made me want to go back to better drama watching days lol. I can’t decide what I want to start next, but I’m about to decide in like the next hour or so because I just finished Protect the Boss and the last 2 episodes of AGD don’t air until tomorrow (finally, so excited!!). If Arang and the Magistrate is bad I’m just going to be a frazzled mess because I have been so frustrated by most of the newer dramas coming out.

      • I totally agree about the quality of the new dramas—they’re just not as amazing as the older ones. (I wonder, though, if it only seems that way to us because the bad shows have had years to disappear without a trace, so all the old things we come across are beloved classics, ala Coffee Prince.)

        I hope your first week back at school goes well! I’m at a regular, year-round office job, but even for me summer is way more laid back. I’m not looking forward to the fall busy season, when I’ll have no time for mid-afternoon Kdrama blog pit-stops :b

      • It probably is somewhat that we don’t come across the bad ones because they don’t keep them around on the major drama watching sites, but I have yet to see a newer one with the soul of CP or Que Sera, Sera. But I will hope for one in the future!!

    • Oh I totally did that last night by accident. I started watching I Need Romance and got totally hooked was up until like 3:00 AM watching it *ahem* and then I thought I was going to die at the workshop today lol. Definitely going to bed earlier tonight!!

  2. Good luck on the new school year! I know how difficult it is at the start of every SY. I hope you’d still spare time to watch and catch up on kdramas as a welcome respite amidst all the demands of teaching 🙂

  3. Aww… less kdrama-viewing time AND missing out on the chance to visit South Korea?! 😥

    The drama gods really owe you something. I hope they pay by making Arang as good as it promises to be.

  4. I am a big fan of Que Sera Sera and Coffee Prince. QSS and CP are the only dramas I have watched twice. I really liked INR2012 with the actress from QSS. I enjoy your blog – I haven’t been able to successfully addict any of my friends to Kdramas or Jdramas. BTW, Try watching Absolute Boyfriend, a Jdrama that is so charming and funny. I think you’d like it. Of course there are so many dramas and so little time.

    • Ahh so we have similar taste 🙂 I just finished watching INR 2012 and it was really great, and one of the main reasons why it was so great was Yeol Mae’s character, she was awesome!! I’m going to write up a review on it hopefully tonight, if not then I’ll get to it tomorrow. Yuu Watase, the author of the manga Absolute Boyfriend is my favorite manga author. I especially love Fushigi Yugi and Ceres the Celestial Legend that were also written by her, so I will definitely check out Absolute Boyfriend.

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