YEH Love <3

So all this talking about Yoon Eun Hye on Amanda’s blog is making me want to pay homage to my favorite kdrama actress (yes I am fangirling big time lol).  One thing Yoon Eun Hye is awesome at and no one can deny it is kissing scenes, all of hers are more passionate and more PG-13 rated than the average kdrama kissing scene.  And actors sure seem to love to kiss this girl, because they all get into it too.  Such a little heart breaker!! ♥  Below are videos of some of my favorite YEH kissing scenes, enjoy!!


Coffee Prince

I wanted to find the famous kissing scene in front of the sunflower mural and the kissing scene when they sleep together for the first time, but I was having a hard time finding the scenes by themselves, so instead I have a video that is a collection of kissing/cute scenes from CP that includes them in it.

Take Care of the Young Lady

Lie to Me

I was having a hard time finding a scene of just the cola kiss because the behind the scenes episode they did on it kept popping up, but it’s in this fan video, except they do this fade out thing that’s a little annoying, but it’s there anyway so whatever lol.



9 thoughts on “YEH Love <3

  1. OMGGG so i’ve started getting into the habit of re-watching dramas and i re-watched Goong and i repeated that kiss scene over and over all the while fangirling like crazy! were you the one that suggested i watch the Vineyard Man? well i’m watching it now hopefully it’s good 😀

    • I am re-watching Goong right now!! Lol!! it probably was me who suggested it because I LOVE the Vineyard Man. It is not like a profound drama or anything, but it is just so full of laughs and genuine adorableness that I just smiled like the whole time I was watching it. Hope you enjoy it!! Let me know how it goes 🙂

      • oki i will and ahhhh i kinda wish Goong never ended and was like an American TV show where it can go on for a lot of seasons and still not lose it’s awesomeness haha i’ve already made it a plan to re-watch it a month from now lol

      • So where did you watch Vineyard Man? It’s definitely on my to-do list… (As is Take Care of the Young Lady, but as my least favorite actor from my least favorite drama is also in it, so I’m in no rush on that one. Damn you, Secret Garden, for ruining a perfectly good YEH drama for me.)

  2. Ahhh, YEH. I love seeing how many ‘moments’/kisses/hugs she has in CP. I think that’s definitely one of those dramas which violates The. Kiss. Law – for multiple kisses, just for the heck of it! I used to have the have the whole Cola Kiss favorited – stupid Youtube. That was my mainstay! (It’s ok, I also know where it happens in the actual show – ep 8 around 34 min). Lie to Me was my first drama, and even its meh ending couldn’t dampen my love for it, or hinder the groundes for my entire Kdrama obsession. Now, excuse me while I go watch ep 8 minute 34 😉

    • Oh also – now that I’ve rewatched the Cola Kiss, and my morning is a little bit brighter – Kdrama kisses definitely add on that extra dash of the romantic, when they film the girl having to actually rise up on her tippy toes to reach in for the kiss. Hehehehe. Now – I just want to watch QIHM again. Now there’s another couple that can Kiss!

      • I’m such a boring old woman =X I spent the whole of the Cola Kiss thinking to myself: “That’s going to be a bitch to clean up, and you better do a good job or you’re going to get ants.”

  3. I wonder how many cases of “Hey Let’s try a Cola Kiss Scene Ourselves” that show may have spawned. And then I’ll bet the participants wished it was a drama, so other people could clean up their own artistic mess.

  4. Ahhh I loved the Cola kiss, it looks like a whole lot of fun!!

    Amanda, they have it on dramacrazy, but they also have it on this website which is less annoying (even though the video quality is a little blurrier): and this one: and you can actually find most of the episodes on Youtube. I’m not quite sure why it is a harder one to find, I guess just because it’s older (came out not too long after Goong I believe) and it was pretty popular at the time (they won like a bunch of awards for it), but it wasn’t like a huge megahit like Goong and Coffee Prince so I guess they haven’t kept it around on some of the bigger sites like dramafever, hulu and mysoju. It’s a straight up rom-com, but it’s really funny and adorable, I felt like it was a really enjoyable light-weight drama, and it’s one of my personal faves. Even though the humor is somewhat campy at times, the characters and the love story have a genuineness to them that a lot of rom-coms seem to miss. But you know YEH is always going to bring genuineness to her characters lol. I really liked Oh Man Sook too, he’s not really super attractive to me, but he was cute, and a very likable actor and he had really good chemistry with YEH (but who doesn’t? lol). I have said before that Goong was my least favorite of YEH;s dramas, but after going back and rewatching it, I think it was just when I watched it originally that made me not enjoy it as much. I watched it after watching BOF and it was just melodrama overload I think. I have changed my mind now that I’m going back and watching it and I think Take Care of the Young Lady is my least favorite. It is not a bad drama, don’t get me wrong, but I feel that it’s more mediocre than her other dramas. One thing I did like a lot about it however, is that she plays a prickly rich brat, so it was a total opposite role from Coffee Prince, a good role to do right after I think so she didn’t get type casted. But people seemed to have a hard time accepting her in that role however, they kept saying her acting wasn’t as good, but I think her acting was fine, the role just wasn’t as demanding or likable as Go Eun Chan, but I think choosing different types of roles like that will only grow her as an actress (although she could have chosen a little better drama with a similar role). I have read people go on and on about how she was not very good in that role because it was so different from her real life persona and it was too much of stretch for her and her acting range is narrow and blady blah blah, but I really didn’t think she was that bad, I think we just all love adorable, warm, and goofy YEH and it was hard to accept her as a rich, conceited, bitch. Plus, I admire her for trying to play different types of roles in the first place instead of always doing the same one like so many actors and actresses do. The male lead was WAY less annoying than he was in Secret Garden, he plays a very different role as well, he’s her poor Butler with a sad past. I don’t particularly find him attractive, and I honestly think YEH had the least amount of chemistry with him than she did with other actors (but still more than Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung in Big lol). All of this being said, I still don’t think it’s a bad drama and it is worth watching, I just expect a lot from YEH. I really wish that that drama Love Song she was supposed to be in before Lie to Me wasn’t cancelled because of Park Yong Ha’s suicide. I guess they decided not to replace him, that it was too weird to continue? I don’t know, but I think it would have been a really good one.

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