Wishful Thinking

So we all love a good ballad every now and then, but let’s be real, kdramas are stuck in the 90s hardcore with their Celine Dionesque  power ballads.  Every now and then you see one that branches out some with their musical selections.  A great example is A Gentleman’s Dignity (currently airing), they used several songs by Big Baby Driver, who is very unique and modern sounding (and I have now downloaded those songs to my ipod because I love them).  Coffee Prince featured bands like Azure Ray and Adult Children, who were both different and amazing (I now listen to them all the time).  I am just wishing they would do a little more of that.  Right now I am obsessed with Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine and I would love for a kdrama to feature this as their main song.  Come on great kdrama gurus, time you discovered some Florence, or maybe even some Iron and Wine?  Or some Korean bands that aren’t stuck in the power ballad era….



9 thoughts on “Wishful Thinking

  1. Kind of funny – I normally hate ballads, and I basically ignored music throughout the 90s. But I love it in Kdramas, mostly at least. I think it’s one thing to hear that kind of music and be moved by it for its own sake, than it is to listen back to it later with a feeling of nostalgia. Half of my ipod music is me admitting that really, the songs aren’t that good.. but listening to them is a hell of a lot shorter than rewatching the drama it came from. It’s just an excuse to reminisce, when it comes from a drama I loved.. will I ever be partial to the music of Big? No, because I don’t want to be reminded on a daily basis of that catastrophe. Soundtrack from Kim Sam Soon or Secret Garden? Oh yes please bring it on!

    • Lol, I do like some of the ballads, but when they play the same song like 4 times each episode I start to go a little crazy ha ha. I do have a lot of music from CP on my ipod and now I have some from A Gentleman’s Dignity.

    • I feel the same way. I love the music usually, but I’m a movie soundtrack lover anyway. I’ve been downloading at least one song from each show I watch. I also admit that my taste in music is all over the place and I’m not a music snob by any means. And I thought the exact same thing about Big. So disgruntled by that one that I probably won’t want a keepsake.

  2. 90s power ballads? I definitely heard some songs I remember from my 70s era childhood in Spring Waltz 😉 I was surprised to hear Coldplay on that drama’s soundtrack—it seemed too modern and edgy. (If you could ever call Coldplay such a thing.)

    I like some Kdrama music, but rarely seek it out—Coffee Prince was an exception. (And, weirdly, I already had songs by a number of its artists on my ipod.) Maybe if there was more Iron & Wine, it would be a different story…

    • “Coldplay as modern and edgy”??? Haha!
      I’m sad to say though that I do seek out Kdrama music – secretly, when nobody’s home. I’ll end up having to defend it later, when I accidentally leave it running in the car. It’s my way of rebellion. I live with two classical musicians and have spent most of the last 6 years around such people. They’re the first to bash my cheesy movie-soundtrack music, but I keep on. There’s only so much Scriabin I can listen to without going crazy. A nice ballad in a foreign language is a good balance. I make no excuse for Kpop though… I blame Heartstrings/You’re Beautiful on my current fangirl devotion to CNBLUE. What can I say? I’m having a relapse back into my pre-teen music years that I missed the first time around. 😛

      • Don’t feel like you have to defend yourself lol. We all like what we like and there’s nothing wrong with that. I would honestly have to tear my ears off if I had to listen to classical music all the time. I just wish they would have a little more diversity in the music in kdrama land, that’s all I’m saying lol.

    • Ha ha yeah I love Iron and Wine. The music in A Gentlemen’s Dignity is kind of along those lines. Yeah Spring Waltz was weird because it had a mixture of 70s soft rock and newer Cold Playish sounding stuff. But there are A LOT of kdramas with the 90s sounding stuff.

  3. I’m such a fan of A Gentlemen’s Dignity from A to Z and that definitely goes for the music as well. I’ve been trying to wait to legally download the soundtrack but jeez, this wait is killing me. Big Baby Driver is great. They even mixed in some Bruno Mars. Coffee Prince has a similar vibe to its soundtrack and that is one that I’m happy to own, too.

    • It is supposed to finish airing this weekend. Fingers crossed that it will not get delayed again due to Olympic ceremonies.

      Big Baby Driver is awesome, I downloaded a bunch of their songs off of itunes. I also love me some Bruno Mars 🙂 I definitely have a lot of the CP soundtrack on my ipod as well. I’m sure if anyone randomly borrowed my ipod they’d be like WTF kind of mix is this? Lol, because I also love all different types of music, And that’s why I’d just like them to branch out a little, throw in some variety.

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