My Top 5 Favorite Things About Having a Kdrama Blog

Okay here we go….

5.  I get to see what people search for when they happen to stumble upon my blog.  There are some super bizarre things that people search for lol.  I occasionally get searches for kdrama porn (which, do they really make that, like kdrama porn spoofs?  Because if they do it would be amazingly hilarious!!) or random stuff like “Why do all kdrama actresses have chapped lips?”  Or more recently, since I made a crack at her lack of chemistry with Gong Yoo in my post about Big, “Is Lee Min Jung a lesbian?”  I was totally joking when I said that, but it seems I am not the only one who has had that thought cross their mind since watching Big lol.

4.  I get to talk to people from all over the world.  Since I am from the town of Tallahassee (Which may technically be the capital of Florida, but don’t be fooled, it is nothing but the capital building and couple colleges, I don’t even consider it a real city, it’s a more of big town), I don’t get to see a whole lot of diversity around here.  So it’s cool to talk to people from different parts of the U.S. and different parts of the world who have different perspectives and interesting stories to tell that I wouldn’t hear otherwise.

3.   I can discuss currently airing kdramas with tons of other people after each episode.  The only thing that made the demise of Big bearable was bitching about it to other people on my blog and their blogs lol.  And in the beginning before it turned to poo, it was awesome to read other people’s blogs and find out theories about what they thought the new plot twists were going to be based on the little clues given in each episode, and I enjoyed making up my own theories about what was going on and then posting them to see what people thought.  I look forward to doing this with more currently airing dramas in the future.

2.  It gives me an excuse to pretend like my opinions are important.  I love when my husband is ready to go somewhere and I’m like “Hold on, I have to finish writing this post, I’m on a roll!!”  As if the world will stop if I don’t give my 2 cents about kdramas for a day ha ha.  And the truth is I only have a handful of loyal followers, but hey you know what, you guys are awesome and I love venting to you 🙂

1.  I drive all of my real life friends a little less crazy with my incessant kdrama babbling which sounds like well, Korean to their ears lol.  Since I vent the majority of my kdrama thoughts out on my blog and the kdrama blogs I follow, my friends have to hear a lot less about something that they really don’t know or care about.  And I have made some really awesome online friends that I love to chat up on different blogs every day.  Plus people recommend new dramas for me to watch that I maybe wouldn’t have watched otherwise or have never heard of before.  I have found lots of good ones that way!!  One of these days we’re all going to have to start a Kdrama Addicts Anonymous page when it totally takes over our lives.  “Um… Hello, may name is Julie, and I haven’t watched a kdrama in 2 days….”


17 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Things About Having a Kdrama Blog

  1. the best part is, we get to know each other through this kdrama blog ^^
    discuss about new dramas and giving each other a lot of recommendations even though we are from different part of world LOL

    kdramas giving us a lot of friends from all around the world ^^

    keeping up your blog! waiting for another review from you too~

    • Yep!! Love getting to make friends all over the place!! 🙂

      Thanks, I love reading your posts too. You keep informed on all the kpop goings ons, which I don’t really hear about much over here in the U.S, I am about to watch Time Between Dog and Wolf and will hopefully get to finish watching A Gentleman’s Dignity soon so I can review it. I reviewed Que Sera, Sera recently and I loved it.

      • sometimes it amazed me how i can get so many friends thorugh kpop and kdrama.
        well, even though i just have few friends from US country, but it is really awesome ^^

        read your post already.
        but since my internet is so damn slowly, so i can not download/streaming too many movies.
        i even have not finished BIG drama T___T
        after finished some, will try too watched it.
        since we almost have the same taste on kdrama ^^

      • seriously?
        until now i haven’t download it yet.
        4 last episodes and i don’t have any interest to watch it.
        dunno whether i should continue to watch it or not lol

  2. No Kdrama for two days?!?! What madness is that!? 😉

    Blogging is fun, isn’t it? I swore off the internet years ago, and forgot how nice it can be to just write for the heck of it. That’s not something a lot of adults do these days.

    • Ahhh!! I don’t think I could ever swear off the internet, I think I actually have an unhealthy addiction to it. It is awesome just to write for fun with no one picking apart what you write, just unjumbling random thoughts.

      BTW 2 people searched for “Gong Yoo naked in Big” today and stumbled on my blog. Ha ha you were talking about your Gong Yoo lust earlier on your blog, well you are clearly not alone. 😛

  3. Hello, my name is Sara, and I have a confession to make:
    Yesterday, I did not watch any Kdrama *bites fingernails*. I actually watched *gasp* American TV! Mostly because I slept/snoozed on the couch most of the day, and didn’t want to lift my head much to read subtitles. I kind of feel like the whole day may not even have happened: a day when not only did I not reach my quota of 5 Kdrama episodes, I didn’t even get a single one! I’ll just blame that on illness. Today however, is my birthday! (Wooo for being a quarter of a century) so I’m going to celebrate extra hard today, and make up for yesterday’s folly! 😉

    • Oh no!! You must make up for that!! Happy25th bday!! Wish I could be there with you to drink soju and marathon CP he he… I’ll actually turn 25 in October, so we’re only a few months apart in age.

    • I love your number one so much- I can relate. I only started blogging again because I needed to get out all my k-drama feels and I was driving everyone in my life crazy. A friend of mine after I started blogging again sent me a text like, “where’s your crazy fangirl emails/messages about last night’s k-drama episode? I’ve been waiting for you to ambush me all day”, and I was like, “I’m okay now, I blogged it…”

      Number 3: Yes, definitely. It’s so much fun being able to discuss k-drama stuff with people, now I don’t have to force friends to watch things so I have someone to talk to about it… (I seriously tried to get almost every single one of my female friends and both my sisters- I even bought my sisters the dvds- to watch Coffee Prince at the height of my obsession with it just so I could talk about it with someone!

      • I’ve totally made some of my friends and my husband watch CP with me too lol. One of them watched it all the way through and she loved it but she’s insanely busy so she doesn’t avidly watch kdramas like I do.

  4. Aww this list was so spot-on. Specially the “I drive my family and friends *less* nuts when I have other kdrama fans to talk to online”

  5. omg are you like my long lost sister,lol I regularly check my search terms too though i haven’t gotten any weird ones though,lol and i’m not bothering my family and friends talking about dramas they dont know about because I can simply write them down and i even make them wait before going on errands because I just have to finish my post,lol and I love your comment ” It gives me an excuse to pretend like my opinions are important.” so true,lol

  6. Haha, guess I am lucky since I managed to get one friend to watch asian drama’s even more obsessively than I do! And sometimes we get our other friends or her mom and brothers to watch a few episodes or movies with us ;p

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