Que Sera, Sera

Que Sera, Sera, translated in English as “Whatever will be, will be,” this is also a famous old song by Doris Day.  The part of this song that is so very relevant to this drama is as follows:

When I grew up and fell in love
I asked my sweetheart
What lies ahead
Will we have rainbows
Day after day
Here’s what my sweetheart said

Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future’s not ours to see
Que sera, sera
What will be, will be

I recently went through the pain of watching Big, which the Hong sisters dubbed as a “coming of age story,”  but  really it just turned out to be a big steaming pile of disappointment and regurgitated kdrama plot crap.  Que Sera, Sera was so refreshing to watch right after because although the main characters are not teenagers, it is definitely very much a coming of age story.  It clearly shows how adults make mistakes, learn from them, and morph into completely different people over time, sometimes for the better, and sometimes for worse.  The female lead character, Han Eun Soo, starts out like a typical stock kdrama lead, a poor, needy, clumsy, ditzy, and naive doormat, clearly lacking the experience needed to survive in the real world.  Then enters Kang Tae Joo who is seemingly yet another kdrama male lead straight from the factory, a  handsome, self absorbed, worldly playboy trying to date as many beautiful, rich women as possible and doing whatever he can to climb the corporate ladder.  However, this drama quickly changes from an ordinary one, into a roller coaster ride of raw, passionate, and painfully real emotions and the typical drama cliches fly out the window.

The really interesting thing about this drama is that the true villain is not an evil second female lead (though she is rich, spoiled, and pretty bitchy), a crazy mom, or a corporate tycoon.  The real villain is simply human nature.  Greed, the need for security, and pride and miscommunication were the downfall of all of the relationships in the show.  All of the characters show their true and not so beautiful colors at some point, none of them being clearly good or bad people, just human.  This is so rare to find in a kdrama, especially when the male lead is almost always portrayed as some kind of love worshiping self-sacrificing hero (at least once they realize they’re in love).  This was definitely not the case in this drama, his love could not seem to outweigh his greed and pride.  This makes it a much more realistic drama to me than most.

As painful as it was to watch Eun Soo go through all of the hardships that she faces, I loved to watch her character grow from the beginning of the show to the end.  She really seems to become a totally different person.  I especially love the scene where Hye Lin comes to bitch her out after Tae Joo confesses his love to Eun Soo and decides (temporarily) to be with her, and Hye Lin slaps her, and Eun Soo without hesitation slaps her right back and tells her to leave.  I literally was shouting “YES!!!” when I saw that scene and laughed so hard because she clearly was no longer going to be Hye Lin’s doormat.

The passion gets really out of control in this drama, with fights, slapping, almost rapes, soaking wet rain kisses the whole deal.  I personally loved that it was so passionate and raw.  That being said, I don’t think that it was made necessarily as “crowd pleasing” drama.  It is often very beautiful yet painful to watch at the same time because every time you hope the characters will make a certain choice and for things to  happen a certain way, it seems like their heads get in front of their hearts and nothing happens smoothly or the way you would like it to.  But I feel that it is really a work of art, and though it is painful, it “hurts so good,”  and I really could not tear my eyes away.

This was one of the most well made dramas I have ever seen, and I suspect will ever be made.  Second only to Coffee Prince for me.  Overall I give it 5 out of 5 stars and highly recommend anyone to watch it if you think you can take the burn.

I took the synopsis and cast list off of http://wiki.d-addicts.com, because I am in a rush right now, I will go back and write a better synopsis later :).


Kang Tae Joo (Eric) is a player with charm and good looks who always dates rich women. One day, he finds a strange poor girl named Han Eun Soo (Jung Yoo Mi) sleeping in front of his door. Although he initially despises her, he eventually finds himself falling for her. Cha Hye Lin (Yoon Ji Hye) is the daughter of a rich shopping mall CEO. Her first love, Shin Joon Hyuk (Lee Kyu Han), dumps her at her father’s request. Hye Lin buys herself a new boyfriend to make her ex jealous. That man is Kang Tae Joo, and during their contract relationship, Hye Lin begins to fall in love again. However, Tae Joo already has a girlfriend and he can’t forget her as easily as he has forgotten all the women in his past. This drama is basically about the redemption of Kang Tae Joo from bastard to human.


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9 thoughts on “Que Sera, Sera

  1. Is it wrong that I watched this show like three months ago but want to watch it again now that I’ve read your review? I wish they’d make more Kdramas like Que Sera Sera….(but not cast Gong Yoo in them. Because even if Big sucked, he’s still sacred in my book. I don’t want to see him playing an anti-hero.)

    • I almost wouldn’t mind seeing Gong Yoo as an anti-hero, I think he has enough gravitas to make that really compelling to watch. I have seen him in a minor role being a bit a little bit of a dick (S-diary), and he was still compulsively watchable (although it wasn’t a particularly meaty role).

      • I feel like Gong Yoo could play an ass and still be sexy and charming in a different way. I honestly think he would be amazing no matter what role he plays, but I love to see actors branch out and play a variety of different types of roles. I mean that Eric guy was a real douche in Que Sera, Sera, but I only admire him more for playing that role so well, and at the end of the day he’s still sexy as hell lol.

  2. I didn’t care for Que Sera Sera. It was so hyped up to be edgy that when I finally saw it, I was disappointed it wasn’t HBO levels of messed up, haha. I’m sorry to hear Big sucked. I was going to watch that one but probably not now! Don’t want to have another Worlds Within-type frustration.

    • Que Sera, Sera is pretty edgy for a kdrama, I don’t think anything on primtime T.V. in Korea is going to be on our level of edgy for a long time, and I am personally a little glad about that. I get kind of sick of the HBO and Showtime dramas that are porn with a side of plot lol. But I can see how Que Sera, Sera wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

      If I am going to try to be objective, Big wasn’t the worst kdrama I have ever seen. The thing that stings so badly about it is that the first 6 episodes were amazing and had a unique and complex plot, but then the Hong sisters went and smoked too much crack or something and just decided to abandon that plot for the typical Noona romance plotline and in the end you are left with a rom-com mess and a whole bunch of unanswered questions. If it had just been a typical rom-com from the beginning I would have been okay with it, but since it started out like an amazing supernatural mystery and then reverted right back to typical Hong sisters rom-com crap it made me hate it lol.

  3. Did you know that Yoon Eun Hye was actually first cast as the lead actress, until she was pulled out by her then company? She even went to the first script reading. It was a big news actually because of her immense chemistry with Eric on XMan…. But fortunately, she stood against her company and decided to join Coffee Prince instead when her company wanted her to star in their own production…. Thought you’d want to know since you are a big Yoon Eun Hye and Coffee Prince fan..

    • Oh wow that is really interesting!! Thanks for sharing!! I’ve seen some of X-Man and she did have mad chemistry with Eric. As much as I love Que Sera, Sera though, CP is still my favorite all time kdrama and I am so glad she chose it instead because that role was absolutely perfect for her!!! I really hope she does a role in the future that has as much weight as her role in CP because I feel like she’s short changed herself recently.

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