Spring Waltz

While this drama was not quite up my alley as far as what I usually enjoy in a drama, for a more serious soap operaey drama it wasn’t so bad.  I figured I needed to watch at least one of the Endless Love dramas since they are revered as kdrama classics, and this one came highly recommended by a fellow blogger.  It was very over dramatic in some parts and the acting and dialouge were kind of subpar (Well let’s face it, Daniel Henney was terrible, but always beautiful to look at 🙂 ), but the overall plot was interesting enough and the two lead actors were both easy on the eyes.  It had a really sweet and happy ending, which is always nice.  As characteristic of the Endless Love series, nature played a huge part in the scenery, and that part of the drama was truly beautiful.  It also had lovely music, both instrumental and vocal.  They were trying to convey a Spring feeling through the set, clothing, scenery, music, etc., so all of the sets were very brightly painted and the clothes were like blindingly neon.  It was like the Easter Bunny threw up all over the place after taking acid, and I think they way overdid it with the colors.  And honestly, when I think of Spring I think of vibrant, but more natural pastel colors, not the crazy in your face neon stuff they had going on.  I don’t really have too much to say on this drama because although it was a heartfelt, pleasant story overall, and much more tolerable than I imagine the other Endless Love dramas would be, it did not rock my socks off, and it was just okay for me.  So in conclusion, I am going to give it a 3 out of 5, worth watching, but not world changing.


Supporting Cast


Park Eun Young is a talented young artists in her 20s who wins a crystal design contest and gets a free trip to Austria to work.  While in Austria she crosses paths with a man named Phillip, who instantly falls for her.  Through Phillip she meets Yoon Jae Ha, a young piano prodigy who is Phillip’s employer.  Eun Young begins to develop a friendship with Philip, but does not get along well with Jae Ha at first, who is dark, brooding, and short tempered.  But somehow despite his nasty attitude, Eun Young finds herself becoming infatuated with him despite herself.  However, she soon returns to Korea and does not expect to run into either man again.  But when Jae Ha’s friend and business partner Song Yi Na convinces him to come to Korea for business, Eun Young once again meets up with Phillip and Jae Ha.  Things become complicated when Phillip professes his feelings for Eun Young and Song Yi Na makes her feelings for Jae Ha very clear, but even knowing all of that Eun Young and Jae Ha cannot seem to avoid their growing attraction for each other and begin a relationship despite the consequences.  Their relationship is not happy for long however, as it is clouded by the jealousy of their friends, Jae Ha’s parents disapproval, and a huge secret from Jae Ha’s past that is directly related to unsuspecting Eun Young’s complicated and painful past.  Can their love endure the hardships?


4 thoughts on “Spring Waltz

  1. Teehee…sorry to recommend something you didn’t really like =X We do have similar taste in dramas, but clearly I’m alone in suffering from a hunger for crazy over-the-top-ness

    • I didn’t dislike it, it just didn’t rock my world that’s all, but that’s okay, not every drama is going to. You are not alone in that though lol, a lot of people love the over the top dramas.

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