If Pride and Prejudice Were a Kdrama

This book/movie has the perfect set up for a kdrama, I’m honestly surprised they haven’t done it yet.  It was another hard one to cast because there are so many characters, and I still left some out as is.


Bin Liz Ah is the witty and intelligent understated beauty of the 5 Bin daughters during the Joeson era.  She is not overly interested in marriage and frivolous things like other girls and is more concerned with the betterment of herself and society than flirting and fancy parties.  Her mother however, who is more concerend about money and the family being taken care of has other plans for her and constantly obsesses over finding a good match for her to marry.  One day at a local dance she crosses paths with a very wealthy man from a prominent family by the name of Fitz Dar Si who is handsome, but is standoffish and seemingly arrogant and self-absorbed.  She overhears a conversation between him and his friend in which he remarked that her looks were “barely tolerable” and in that moment decided that she despised him.  Her older sister and the obvious beauty of the family, Jane, falls in love with Mr. Dar Si’s best friend and therefore Liz Ah is forced to cross paths with him time and time again.  She continually uses her wit to show her disdain for his arrogant attitude, and Mr. Dar Si finds himself impressed and intrigued by her indifference to his looks and wealth, her genuine vigor for life and her educated views and opinions. Despite his growing affection for her, Liz Ah resolves to continue to despise him, but as they say there is a thin line between love and hate and despite the interest of another man and their very different social classes the two cannot help being drawn to one another.  Will they throw aside all the odds against them to be together?


Bin Liz Ah-Moon Geun Young

Fitz Dar Si-Lee Jin Wook

Wick Jorg-Yoo Tae Woong

Bin Jane-Kin Ha Neul

Bin Ly Di-Seo Woo

Bin Ki Ti-Ahn So Hee

Bin Mae Ri-Woo Ri

Mr. Bin-Kwon Hae Hyo

Mrs. Bin-Im Ye Jin

Mr. Bing-Jo Jung Suk

Bing Kar Li-Jang Hee Jin



9 thoughts on “If Pride and Prejudice Were a Kdrama

    • Emma would make a great kdrama as well!! It would be a funny one for sure. Thanks for the compliment on the background, I just put together a whole bunch of the ones I’ve watched.

      • Emma would work! It’s more hair-brained than the other Austen stories. I could see that being soo easily adapted for the typical Kdrama trope. 😀
        By the way – why didn’t anybody warn me that You’re Beautiful would make me want to periodically laugh my eyes out, and 5 minutes later make me want to bang my head on the wall?!? (I actually did that too.. then I moved my chair away from the wall).. Almost finished with it though.. but OH it’s so exasperating sometimes!!

      • Yeah You’re Beautiful has its strong points, but it definitlely gets very frustrating and goes back and forth a lot. That’s why it won’t ever make my top 10, because as much as I loved some parts of it, the frustrating parts were enough to make me throw things at the T.V. lol.

  1. What a great idea. I totally see this cast in a K-drama version of Pride & Prejudice. Only then it should probably have to be set in the Joseon era. Now, I really want this to happen. To whom we should send this request?

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