I Do, I Do

This ended up being a very sweet and heart warming drama.  I was not too impressed by it at first, but it got better as the show progressed, which is funny because the majority of dramas are usually the opposite and start out good and then go downhill.  I did love the weighted message that this drama was sending Korean society, children are a consequence of sex, but being a single mother is not the end of the world and is nothing to be condemned for for the rest of your life.  You should be able to be proud of your child even if they were not in your original plan.  From my understanding of Korean culture this is a pretty big deal and a little bit of a controversial topic for a drama to deal with.  I never became overly fond of the male lead or the actor that portrayed him, he was cute but the guy’s acting just was cheesy and not too believable for me, but I have seen worse (watching Spring Waltz right now and man is Daniel Henney gorgeous but a horrible actor ha ha!!).  I was impressed with both the male and female second leads in this drama, neither of them turned out to be souless assholes so that’s a nice change from a lot of other dramas out there.  I loved the last episode, it left a smile on my face and a warm and fuzzy feeling in my heart.  So my final verdict is that though this drama did not necessarily shock and awe me, it is definitely worth a watch.  3.5 out of 5 stars for me 🙂


Extended Cast


Hwang Ji An is the workaholic director of a shoe design company in her 30s who is a slave to her career and has no plans for a husband or children.  One day when things are not going her way, she runs into a young man in his 20s, Park Tae Kang by coincidence, and the two end up talking together that evening because he is trying to console her.  Talking leads to drinking, and drinking leads to them sleeping together.  Naturally they wake up embarrassed the next day, wanting to forget everything that happened.  However, their lives end up permanently intertwined when Tae Kang wins a contest and gets a job at Ji An’s shoe company and Ji An turns up pregnant.  Though Ji An is trying hard to stay independent, the two cannot seem to stay away from eachother and there is chemistry that over time even she cannot deny.  Ji An now has a lot of decisions to make and a lot to think about.  Should she put her career on hold and keep her child?  Should she tell Tae Kang that he is the father since he is so young?  Can she be with someone so much younger than her and raise a baby and be happy?  Will society be able to accept a single career woman with a baby?


2 thoughts on “I Do, I Do

  1. I take it it’s finished airing? Man, I remember when it had just started. It’s only mildly sad when I measure my life around the TV airing schedule in a country far far away: “8 weeks ago this show began… now it’s over… woah! Where did the last 2 months even go???” I kind of feel that way about Big right now. I don’t quite like this having to wait for episodes thing, hence I did not watch I Do, I Do the same way.. guess I could start it now! (looove Kim Sun Ah – btw, you should watch City Hall) Of course, I’m also watching Iljimae/Tazza/Big/You’reBeautiful right this moment.. in any possible order depending on my mood.. so, we’ll see when I can fit I Do, I Do in.. I’m saving Gentleman’s Dignity for a later day…

    • The last episode aired yesterday. Yeah I just told my husband like 5 minutes ago that I feel like I have been watching Big forever because I started watching it the week it first aired. I waited to watch I Do, I Do and A Gentleman’s Dignity until they were really far along so it hasn’t been so spread out for me. Maybe I’ll watch City Hall after Spring Waltz since I keep hearing so much about it. You’re Beautiful was pretty good for me. Not life altering, but definitely entertaining. I like Jang Geun Suk a lot.

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