AGD Ep. 16 Observations and Thoughts and a Hilarious Pic :P

  • I don’t have words for how in love I am with this drama.  I was starting to get discouraged after Big took a dive for a few episodes and thought I was never going to find another drama that captured my heart like Coffee Prince, but 16 episodes in I have not lost my enthusiam.  I really hope the last 4 episodes are as well written as the rest.  I always get nervous when they make dramas more than 16 or 18 episodes because they usually start to drag and go in circles, I am hoping and praying this doesn’t happen with AGD.
  • It looks like the angst is coming to a close at least for the lead couple, they haven’t dragged it out too long so that’s good.
  • I realize he doesn’t want to tarnish her image or whatever, but  she’s a teacher, she loves kids for pete’s sake, you’d think he would’ve given her a chance to accept the kid in the first place.
  • So one thing I don’t like about the way they are viewing this situation, it’s okay for him to be a playboy and sleep with random people before this happened, in fact it was part of his “cool” persona.  But suddenly when a past girlfriend shows up with a kid he didn’t know about it’s the end of the world?  That doesn’t make any sense to me.  Why is it more of a sin to have a kid out of wedlock than to sleep around?  I mean let’s do some simple math here sex=possible baby.  Every time you have sex there is the possibility of the woman getting pregnant, so why is it so horrible and such a big shock??   Anyway, I will step down off my soap box now ha ha.  I just have to keep in mind that this is a dramaand therefore the characters are bound to be overdramatic.
  • I don’t really dislike Ma Ah Ri’s charcter, though she’s immature, but man does she have an irritating cry!!  It’s like a damn siren!!!  Yoon just needs to grow a pair and tell Tae San he loves her and get it over with, just rip it off like a band aid  and shut her the hell up 😛
  • Love the shoes at the end, that was a really cute touch.  Made me tear up a little bit, and I’m not any easy crier in dramas anymore because I feel like I’ve been desensitized. 
  • There was another cool song in this episode that I have to look up.  Whoever is in charge of music for this drama is awesome!!

Okay, I had to share this because I laughed so hard at it. There really is some resemblance don’t you think? Ha ha!!


2 thoughts on “AGD Ep. 16 Observations and Thoughts and a Hilarious Pic :P

  1. I love this show. The camaraderie with the guys is so awesome. Most dramas I’m satisfied with the 16 or 20 episode limit. This one I would watch a season 2, because they really have more stories to tell and the characters (except Ma Ri) are so enjoyable to watch. I am such a fan of MIn Sook. She definitely is nothing like she seemed in the beginning.

    AMEN to bullet #5. Ma Ri is nails on a chalkboard. I think her youth will help Yoon get in touch with his less serious side. He needs more fun.

    OMG Rok is a Llama. ROFL

    • Yes the bromance really makes the show!! I was worried about it being 20 episodes but after watching 17 and 18 they really have done a great job and it is not going in circles the way the sometimes do. I would love a second season!! I really like all the characters, even Mae Ah Ri (despite the fact that she can be very immature and annoying), like you said her character is important to the show and a good fit for Yoon because he’s just so adorable with his big bush baby eyes and he needs to lighten up and act 40 instead of 80 lol. I adore Yoon’s character though, he’s like a sweet responsible big brother type figure. I literally just can’t get over how much I love this show, I am sad that there are only 2 more episodes!!

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