Random Short Thoughts on A Gentleman’s Dignity through Episode 5

  • What great music!!  It’s not the same 2 or 3 big cheesy ballads over and over again!!  The songs are not stuck in the 90s, they have a nice modern and sophisticated vibe to them.  In fact, some of them will be joining the ranks on my ipod soon.  Even the instrumental music is great!!  I love that Do Jin has like a latino sounding theme song when he’s in crazy mode and a saxophone theme when he’s normal cool Do Jin ha ha.  I just keep imagining a sax man in shades following him around ( Now wouldn’t that be hysterical?)
  • The lead actress is really ridiculously gorgeous without wearing 500 pounds of foundation, eyeliner, fake eye lashes, etc., she’s very natural looking.
  • The person who wrote this had to have been a huge fan of Sex and the City, I mean the similarity in dynamic is unmistakeable (aside from it being men instead of women)!!
  • Loving that even though Yi Soo has a one-sided love she isn’t overly depressed and having heart failure over it.  I know this IS a drama, but continue to spare us the added drama please 😛
  • Maybe I am impressing my love for Johnny Depp upon Korean T.V., but Jang Dong Gun just keeps looking and acting more and more like him to me with each episode.
  • Love that this drama is low key yet still entertaining.  It has enough subtle humor, adorable bromance, awkwardly hysterical situations  and sexy moments to keep me interested without wanting to throw everything within available reach at the T.V. due to ridiculously over dramatic characters that had to have been dropped on their heads as children and a back sliding plot.
  • For once there’s not a single character I hate, I mean Se Ra is not the nicest person in the world, but at least so far she’s not so bad.
  • Now that I am starting to branch out and watch different kinds of dramas I am realizing that I think I prefer the more mature dramas to all these teeny bopper ones that are cracked out on bubblegum, rich assholes,  really repetitive plotlines, and nintiesesque power ballads.  Not that I don’t enjoy those dramas (gotta get lost in the brainless world of sicky sweet romance sometimes just to escape reality), I just think I am starting to prefer the more mature ones.

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