More Short Thoughts on A Gentleman’s Dignity Through Episode 12

  • I love the little anecdotes about the boys at the beginning of each episode, they are gut bustingly funny and they really help to build the relationship aspect of the 4 men so they seem more relateable.
  • I have not seen a drama since Coffee Prince that did such a good job of building the relationships between ALL of the characters, (not just the leads) and telling all of the supporting characters stories so that they all seem very real and you can really connect to them.   From the outside the overarching plot makes it seem like it would be just another ordinary drama, but the character interaction and cleverly written dialogue is what makes this drama incredible and stand apart from the rest (the same characteristics are what made Coffee Prince stand out, that’s why I keep referencing it).   It is just a beautifully written script thus far, bravo to the writer/writers and to the bang up job the actors/actresses are doing!!!
  • Okay, so they had to have at least one cheesy sounding 90s ballad or it wouldn’t be a kdrama right?  Lol, I knew it was coming sometime.  But there are two songs that they keep playing that I just cannot get enough of and an going to have to look up.  And I still really love the music despite the one classic kdrama ballad lol.
  • So the inevitable face punch of angst between the leads came and went in like 2 episodes, I was so glad that it was short lived.  Hoping that it won’t get ridiculously angsty towards the end like a lot of dramas do.
  • There are some super sexy moments in this drama like in I think it was episode 6 or 7 when he was like “Why don’t you let your emotions lead instead of your reason?  Or why don’t you let the alcohol lead?  Or why not just let me lead you?”  And then leans down to kiss her.  OMG it was so hot, if you haven’t seen it you just have to take my word for it.
  • I freaking love Kim Do Jin’s character and the actor who is portraying him (Jang Dong Gun).  I cannot get enough of his smart ass comments, big eyed mysterious stares, snarky smirks, and quirky Sherlock Holmes moments (He reminds me so much of Jack Sparrow, except an architect, not a pirate lol).
  • Yoon is so cute, he looks like a cross between a vampire and a bush baby lol because he is all pale and well dressed but he has these scared looking saucer eyes all the time ha ha.  I am glad he is trying to force Me Ari to grow up a little first before he gets with her though.  What is it with 22-25 year olds acting like immature 16 year old babies in kdramas?  I’m 24 and I am a teacher, pay my own bills, and have a husband and 4 pets I take care of.  What is wrong with these girls?  😀
  • So I think I pretty much love everything about this drama so far and depending on the last 4 episodes, it may even wind up tied with Coffee Prince for me.  *Gasp* Yes I know, all this time I never thought I would find one as well written.  Now I will say, Coffee Prince will always have a little more of an edge in my heart for 2 reasons: 1. Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye=Best chemistry ever in a drama, need I say more? 2.  It was my first kdrama and so therefore my first love.  In most ways other than the characters relationships being so well established and all of their stories being so well written, you can’t even compare the two dramas because they are so different as far as the actual subject matter, but they are both amazing.
  • If you have not watched this drama yet, do yourself a huge favor and watch it!!

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