If Sailor Moon Were a Kdrama

This would be such a great action kdrama!!  I know it would be a really tough project to take on because it would have to have  a lot of special effects, but man I wish someone would do it!!!  I tried to Koreanfy Usagi’s name a little lol, I remembered that her pet name was Usako.  The outer scouts were older than the rest of the scouts so I tried to pick actresses in their early to mid 30s and then Saturn is supposed to be like an adolescent.  Even though Queen Serentity and Queen Beryl looked pretty young on the show, I always picture them as being a little older, especially since Queen Serenity is Sailor Moon’s mom.  Anyway, hope you enjoy it!! 🙂



Park Usa Ko is an ordinary teenage girl who is only worried about boys and her friends when one day she is approached by a magical talking cat who tells her that she is the reincarnation of a guardian from the moon, Sailor Moon, and it is time for her to awaken her powers and fight for justice.  Usa Ko and Luna (the talking cat) embark on a journey to find and awaken the other 8 moon guardians in order to fight an impending evil.  When all 8 guardians are gathered, the girls work together to find and defeat Queen Beryl, who is trying to steal the silver crystal to awaken Metallia and establish the Dark Kingdom on earth.  Along the way the girls keep running into a mysterious man who goes by the name of Tuxedo Mask.  Is he a friend or is he a foe?  All the girls know is that he is searching for the silver crystal as well,  but right or wrong Usa Ko cannot help but be drawn to him because something about him seems so familiar.  Is she remembering something from her past?  Queen Beryl senses her connection to Tuxedo mask and plans to use him against Usa Ko for her evil purpose.  Will the guardians be able to defeat Queen Beryl, will Usa Ko and Tuxedo Mask find love or will he be the one to destroy her….



Sailor Moon-Yoo In Na

Sailor Mars-Uee

Sailor Venus-Im Yoon Ah

Sailor Mercury-Park Min Young

Sailor Jupiter-Park Shin Hye

Sailor Neptune-Chae Jung An

Tuxedo Mask-Kim Hyun Joong

Queen Beryl-Lee Mi Sook

Queen Serenity-Yoo Yoo Sun

Sailor Saturn-Jeong In Seo

Sailor Uranus-Ha Ji Won

Sailor Pluto-Kim Ha Neul


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