A Gentleman’s Dignity-Am surprised at how much I LOVE this drama

I have to be honest, when I first started watching this and there were 4 guys hanging out together trying really hard to look cool, I was like “Oh dear God not a middle aged F4, if this is going to be like BOF I’m out.”  But after watching the first 2 episodes, what it really reminds me more of than BOF is a male Sex and the City without all the porn.  It is a very mature drama with a lot of adult humor and it is constantly cracking me up.  I cannot describe how much I love the male lead Kim Do Jin, who is played by Jang Don Gun.  His character is one of those awesome quirky personalities that I love so much.  He’s supposed to be dark, brooding, a player, conceited, and just plain out odd.  He records everything with a tape recorder disguised as a pen for crying out loud.  Can we say paranoid? Lol.  But he is very witty and funny and Jang Don Gun is doing a spectacular job so far playing his role.  Not to mention he is really hot and looks freakishly like a Korean Johnny Depp.  Even his facial expressions are similar, it’s kind of uncanny…  Anyway I really hope this drama can keep it up all the way through and doesn’t start to get disappointing in the middle because right now I am in love with everything about it!!!


4 thoughts on “A Gentleman’s Dignity-Am surprised at how much I LOVE this drama

  1. I’ve heard of this drama but i haven’t really tried to find out the synopsis of it but by the way you describe it, it sounds interesting maybe i’ll give it a try when i finish I do, I do.

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