The Return of Sailor Moon

Long before my love of kdrama ever manifested itself, anime was (and still is) one of the great loves of my life. There were a few iconic shows that really hit it big in the U.S. during my childhood and since DBZ has already been brought back, my life will now be complete when Sailor Moon is back on air in the U.S. Yes, you read it correctly, SAILOR MOON IS RETURNING TO ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES!!! So awesome right?? (I know that Koreans love Sailor Moon too because I have seen a couple of old kdramas that have Sailor Moon references) Kodanshi has been re-releasing the mangas in English since last year and has also been releasing the Sailor V series in English for the first time. I have been collecting them and rereading them as they come out. I’ve told my husband I don’t know how many times “I hope the mangas get popular with this new generation of kids so they bring the T.V. show back,” and low and behold my wish has come true!! (maybe I should wish for things more often ha ha) Anyway a friend of mine posted the link below on my Facebook wall and that is how I originally found out, it contains all the details. I am so excited about this, that it maybe my next If ___________ Were a Kdrama 😛


2 thoughts on “The Return of Sailor Moon

  1. It’s so funny you posted this- a friend and I were just about to marathon the tv series, and blog about sailor moon (it totally passed me by when I was younger, but my friend was really into it). From the bits and pieces I’ve seen, it would probably be a really great ‘If ___ was a kdrama’.

    • Oh you will love it!! It is redundant annd formulaic, but so cute and sparkly lol. It has to be the girliest cartoon ever 😛 It would be so amazing if they made a kdrama out of it. I just need to write some script writers letters about all these dramas they should make lol.

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