Currently watching “I Do, I Do”

I started watching “I Do, I Do” yesterday because I have to have something to watch between episodes of “Big” or I go crazy lol.  I thought I may like it because it has the same actress that played the lead in “My Lovely Samsoon.”  Man does she look different!!  She is all hot and sophisticated in this drama, but her personality is still very rough around the edges.  So far I like the drama well enough, it is not lighting my world on fire by any means but it’s entertaining.  It reminds me of “What’s Up, Fox” in that she hooks up with a younger man when she is drunk and is then dealing with the repercussions, but in this drama it is a little more complicated because she gets pregnant.  I have to honest, I am not crazy about the lead male actor Lee Jang Woo.  Though he is cute enough (not really hot to me, but has a cute smile at least), his acting is just not all that convincing in my opinion and I don’t know what they were thinking when they styled his hair lol.  The second lead, played by Park Gyeon Hyeong is much hotter and his acting is way better.  It seems fairly predictable so far, I mean I guess I could be wrong but it appears as if she will eventually end up with the male lead (Park Tae Gang) and they will raise the kid together.  It is entertaining and funny enough however that I am still intrigued enough to want to watch the next episode.


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