If Buffy the Vampire Slayer Were a Kdrama

I have finished the 30 Day Kdrama Challenge and it is now time for a new series of posts.  I did this with Twilight and it was a lot of fun, so this will be my new series for a while.  Now these take a lot more thought and effort than the 30 Day Kdrama Challenge did, so I may not post them every single day like I was doing before, but I will still be posting general thoughts and drama summary/recommendations so there will most likely be a post pretty much every day.  Now Buffy fans, don’t go all crazy on me lol.  I realize I am combining seasons and switching things around, but this would have to be done in order for it to be condensed into a kdrama.  So don’t take it too seriously and just have a good laugh at it 😛  Also I have a very mixed aged cast, and some of them may seem too old to play the parts I have cast them in.  However, they cast people to play parts older and younger than them all the time (Fun fact: Sarah Michelle Gellar was 20 when she started playing Buffy), that’s what stage make up is for lol.  The guy who was the male lead in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop was like 24 and played a 17 year old, and those of you that are fans of That 70s Show, the only one that was actually a teenager when that show started was Mila Kunis who played Jackie.   They do this a lot of the time because most teenagers are inexperienced and terrible actors lol.  So again, it’s just for comical value, so don’t get upset lol.  Too bad I don’t have a photo editing program and I suck at photo editing anyway, because it would be fun to make a a Bu Fee the Vampire Slayer pic with the fake cast.  Man I wish they would make this drama for real though…



Summers Bu Fee is a seemingly average high school girl by day and a tough kick ass vampire slayer by night.  Being the chosen one definitely has its perks, but it can be a difficult lonely road.  She gets through each day, taking it in stride with the help of her enthusiastic and nerdy friends Xan Der and Wi Low, and her “Watcher” Gi Les, who doubles as the school librarian by day.  They discover that there is a powerful vampire by the name of Spike who is attacking Seoul with the help of his equally evil and powerful vampire girlfriend Dar La.  In her search for clues of where to find Spike so that she can destroy him, she stumbles upon a mysterious man by the name of Angel, who suspiciously keeps showing up at all of the demon/vampire hang outs that she is raiding.  She thinks at first that Angel is evil, however after getting to know him she finds that he is actually a good vampire who has been cursed with a soul.  He is also searching for a way to find and destroy Spike.  Bu Fee then becomes allies with Angel and begins to fall in love with him despite the advice of her friends to stay away from him.  However, things become complicated when Spike himself becomes mesmerized by Bu Fee and begins to fall in love with her and plots to separate her from Angel by taking away his soul and making him evil again.  Can the star-crossed lovers survive the difficult trials they have to face? 


Bu Fee-Yoon Eun Hye

Angel-Chun Jung Myung

Spike-Jang Geun Suk

Dar La-Jung Yoo Mi

Wi Low-IU

Xan Der-Baek Sung Hyun

Gi Les-Choi Il Hwa

Cor Delia-Bae Suzy




6 thoughts on “If Buffy the Vampire Slayer Were a Kdrama

  1. You had me laughing at “Summers Bu Fee” 😉 So funny! The cast is all excellently chosen—I think Suzy in particular is a great choice for Cordelia.

  2. It even has the ending where the girl winds up with the bad boy over the mostly perfect nice guy. lol But there’s no Drusilla! Her and her crazy definitely wound up being a favorite character of mine.

    • OMG!! You know what I did!! I had a brain fart and mixed up Darla and Drusilla’s names. I meant for her to be Drusilla lol. Yeah she’s character you love to hate. I’m gonna have to go back and fix that.

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