The Crucible-Wow…

Last night I watched the movie The Crucible because it had Gong Yoo in it (who I adore) and I teach middle school children with disabilites and it is such a passion for me and I had read that he plays a teacher of students with disabilities, so of course I had to watch it because it combines two of my favorite things lol. I was speechless at the end of the movie. It was a very good film, but extremely serious, dark, and graphic and it really broke my heart. Gong Yoo plays a teacher who gets hired at a school for hearing impaired children (many of them also being intellectually disabled as well), but he soon finds out that the students are being severely abused mentally, physically, and sexually by other teachers and the headmaster. Being a kind hearted man, he gets a human rights investigator involved and starts trying to fight for the children only to find out that all of the officials and law enforcement are crooked and aware of what’s going on but have been bribed or paid off by the headmaster in some way. I won’t give away the ending, but the thing that sends shivers through my spine is that it is based on the true story of a school for disabled children in Korea. It made me realize how badly rights for people with disabilites needs to emphasized and enforced in other countries. My husband and I are talking about moving to Korea next year and if we do (which I think we definitely are) I will find a way to start a group or join a group that is working towards this cause because it is something that is very dear to my heart. Anyway, if you think you can stomach how graphic it is and if you like serious movies with a powerful message, definitely watch this movie. It just made me love Gong Yoo even more for choosing this role. I thought he couldn’t possibly be any hotter, but he once again proved me wrong lol.



3 thoughts on “The Crucible-Wow…

  1. Oh wow, there are subs out for this? That’s fantastic. Gong Yoo is seriously amazing in this, he consistently blows me away with what a good actor he is. Also, if this movie goes someway to helping get justice served, it has more than served its purpose.

    • I watched it on They have a lot of movies subbed in English. He blew me away, and the whole movie blew me away. I am really glad that they are trying to bring awareness to this issue.

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