How Kdrama can turn my frown upside down :P

My friends pick at me about my kdrama obsession, but it really is a serious hobby for me and it really does make me happy.  For instance, I have been having the shittiest (pardon my “french”) week ever.  Some craziness has been going on with my brother and I have been worried sick about him and I was supposed to go with my parents to Georgia to visit him, and then my last living great grandmother died, so I was also supposed to attend the funeral while I was up there.  I had planned to leave Tuesday morning, but when my husband and I got home from a walk on Monday evening my dog was missing from the backyard.  We searched all over my neighborhood and the neighborhood behind us for him but he was nowhere to be found.  Now, you guys don’t personally know me, so I will fill you in.  I absolutely love animals and children (obviously I am a teacher), however because I have not had children of my own yet, my two dogs are my pride and joy and I treat them as if they were my children.  So needless to say my heart is breaking right now and I was too much of a mess to go on the trip with my parents.  We still have not found Schnitzel (my dog’s name, he is a weiner dog) yet, and I am praying really hard and trying not to give up hope, but it is difficult.  With everything that is going on I have been depressed and pretty much going back and forth between a state of numbness caused by denial and crying realization.  So finally I turned on my all time favorite, which you all know is Coffee Prince, and have been watching it all over again.  So far, aside from running (my other serious hobby), Coffee Prince has been the only thing that has been able to bring a smile to my face.  People who think that media and entertainment are pointless and that dramas are just meaningless T.V. about nothing (I have been told that before) have obviously never been a severely depressed woman in need of a beautiful fairy tale to distract them from their own bleak reality.  So anyway, at least in a small way Coffee Prince has touched my life and is helping me get through this crazy mess.  So that’s my sappy story in case you wanted to know…

My dog Schnitzel that is missing


8 thoughts on “How Kdrama can turn my frown upside down :P

  1. The sad thing about my Kdrama addiction is that I don’t even have to Watch a drama for it to put me into a better mood. I just have to think about/talk about it/relive my favorite moments/practice some of my favorite Korean lines that I painstakenly memorized or act like a Korean actress for a few moments (i.e. act silly and pout as prettily as possible). The list goes on. Forget a Kdrama intervention. Kdrama is my intervention on life! Hope you find your doggy. 🙂

  2. I feel the same way about K-dramas! TV and movies aren’t pointless and there’s nothing wrong with escapism. I mean, honestly, what’s really the difference between escaping reality by reading The Hunger Games or watching Secret Garden? People are so quick to condemn people who like to watch TV. Sheesh. I’m sorry about your dog and great grandmother 😦 I hope you find your weenie dog and cheer up soon.

  3. I’m really sorry to hear you had such a crappy week, that is a seriously terrible set of events shoved into a short space of time! I hope you find your dog safe and sound soon!

    I totally agree with you about K-dramas, and all ‘escapist’ forms of media/books really. It’s ridiculous they get a bad rap, because they key into archetypal stories and characters so well, they elicit really strong emotional reactions- be it happiness or tears of catharsis or whatever. So many of them just functionally- are capable of making people feel really good- there is nothing bad about that!

    Anyway, taking my cue from kdramas- Fighting!!

  4. I hope you are able to find your sweet doggy! I just started rewatching Coffee Prince about a week and a half ago or so too. Something about that one just makes everything in life feel better, even if only for the hour the episode lasts.

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