Day 28 of 30 Day Kdrama Challenge

Day 28 of the 30 Day Kdrama Challenge is “What is a kdrama you loved, but not many others did?”  For me this is definitely Myung Wol the Spy.  I have read people bashing it.  And I know that I am one of the only bloggers who has written much about it and it has to be at the top of the search list because someone stumbles upon my blog every day without fail by searching for those key words.  I think it is just my off beat sense of humor that makes me love this drama so much.  I’m not sure if they meant it to be as funny as it is or not, but they way I viewed it was totally satirical.  It was a goofy take on how the North Koreans take themselves so seriously and an over the top Romeo and Juliet story of two star crossed lovers from different sides of the same coin, except that in this one Juliet was originally a spy on a mission to capture Romeo and bring him back to North Korea….  Yes it was ridiculous, yes it was cheesy, but if you are looking at it purely from a comedic perspective it is pure gold, at least in my opinion.  The two older spy sidekicks really are a hilarious little peanut gallery that will keep you laughing, and they are such a stark contrast from their overly serious mission commander Choi Ryul that it makes it that much funnier.  Plus there is some great eye candy in this one with Eric playing Kang Woo, the lead male role, and Lee Jin Wook playing Choi Ryul, the second male lead.  If you have a quirky sense of humor like me and you are in need of a good laugh, give Myung Wol a watch!!


7 thoughts on “Day 28 of 30 Day Kdrama Challenge

  1. So many mixed reviews about this one… I think inspite of them all, and maybe with a little bolstering from this review^^, I still want to watch it, if only for the actors…

  2. I started seeing this drama but they brought down the videos, so the last ep i watched was when he discovers it was all plan. But i remember I did like this drama and found it funny didn’t really see anything wrong with it. I also remember that i found her comrade to be really cute ^__^

  3. It’s funny you mentioned that people find your blog by searching those keywords, when that is exactly how I came here. Just started the first 10 minutes of this drama after giving up on Secret Garden after 7 episodes, and I was looking for more info on reviews before I started it and lost another 7 hours on something I wouldn’t like :p I didn’t know it got such bad reviews, but I think I am gonna at least give the first episode a shot 🙂

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