What’s Up, Fox?-Summary/Recommendation

LOVED this drama!! You guys know I love a good dramedy and boy was this ever a funny drama!!  The main character, Byung Hee, is a writer for a men’s porn magazine, so you know that alone is going to create some good humor.  This was the first kdrama I have seen that has dealt with the topic of sex so openly.  I would say it is PG-13 rated, rather than PG like all the other kdramas I have seen.  Right from the get go you have an opening scene of one of her fantasy porn articles, of course it is over the top and ridiculous and they don’t actually show any sex, just the pre-cursor to it.  It is truly amazing to me the difference between American dramas and kdramas.  Even a drama about a writer for a porn magazine does not turn into a soft core porn drama in Korea, but in America we take dramas with much tamer plots and characters and turn them into porn just to sell the drama.  Anyway, you know that is a pet peeve of mine.  Byung Hee is a deep thinker and has some pretty profound lines in this drama.  There is this goofy thing they do that I think is supposed to be artsy and profound, where they keep showing this uterus floating in the ocean and then floating in space (don’t ask, you just have to watch the drama to understand lol), but I think it’s a little awkward ha ha.  The whole theme of the drama kind of has a deeper meaning though, it’s really about love transcending social expectations and being willing to step over those invisible boundaries to follow your heart and do what makes you happy.  Chun Jung Myung plays the main love interest in this drama and he is just such a presence!!  I recently saw him in Cinderella’s Sister, and I really was not a fan of the drama, but I loved him and his character in it.  What’s Up, Fox? definitely propelled him up to my top 3 favorite actors.  Overall this was an amazing drama and I would highly recommend it to anyone.  5 out of 5 stars for me!! 🙂


Go Byung Hee is a 33 year old single working woman and is a writer for a men’s porn magazine.  She desperately wants to meet a good man and get married before she becomes an old maid, but she is not sure how to do it.  Park Chul Su is the 24 year old younger brother of Byung Hee’s best friend.  The two families grew up together in the same neighborhood and Byung Hee helped to raise Chul Su from the time she was 9 years old.  Their lives become intertwined in a completely different way when he returns from a long trip and then is sent by his sister one night to take care of Byung Hee while she is drunk.  The two of them wind up sleeping together and wake up regretting it in the morning.  However as time passes and they continue to try to keep this secret between them and let it be in the past, it begins to become obvious that despite their 9 year age gap and the fact that neither their families or society will be easily willing to accept their nontraditional relationship, the two cannot avoid the undeniable chemistry they have between them.  Will they choose to live up to societal expectations or to be with each other?


2 thoughts on “What’s Up, Fox?-Summary/Recommendation

  1. I’ve been thinking of checking that one out. I don’t know if you watch stuff on dramafever.com but it’s streaming without adds today and on July 4th if you’re in the USA. I’m sooooo behind on watching because of how busy my life is. *tears in my eyes* lol. i love your blog by the way. i wish I had more Kdrama rama friends 😉

    • It’s a good one!! It’s a lot more mature than a lot of dramas. Hmmm I will have to check that out, no commercials sounds really nice. I am off right now for summer break so I have more time to watch them than usual lol. Thanks for the compliment, I have to vent out my obsession here because my real world friends don’t want to hear about it lol

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