What’s Up Fox-AMAZING!!

I am currently watching “What’s Up Fox” (thanks so much Amanda for the suggestion!!)  I am really loving this drama.  It is a lot deeper than a lot of the dramas I have seen recently. Byeung Hee has these moments where she is thinking out loud to herself, and they are always so profound.  The acting is amazing in this drama and it is definitely hilarious.  It stands out from other kdramas that I’ve watched in that it deals with a lot of adult topics and adult humor (without being totally vulgar about it like so many American shows).  Byeung Hee is a writer for a men’s magazine, so you know there is some funny sexual humor involved.  All of the main characters are in relationships with age gaps that are socially unacceptable, so the drama is really about love transcending social expectations.  It is so good that I started watching it yesterday morning and only have about 3 episodes to go until I am finished.  That’s so bad right?  Oh well it’s summertime and this is one of my vacation weeks from teaching summer school so I am going to enjoy myself by watching my kdramas lol.


4 thoughts on “What’s Up Fox-AMAZING!!

  1. I finished watching this just a few days ago.. ahhh that boy – I’ve never seen an actor who could pull off the cute puppy face while simultaneously smoldering look soooo well! Super adorable.

    • He is beautiful lol. I saw him first in Cinderella’s Sister opposite Moon Geun Young. I really liked him in that drama too, I just didn’t like the drama as a whole. It was way too depressing for me. But he was equally sexy in a brooding and mysterious way lol. He’s definitely become one of my fave actors.

  2. Yay! You liked it! It’s rare to find a Kdrama rom-com for grownups, but I think What’s Up, Fox definitely fits the bill. Everyone in it is so much more mature and interesting than the standard-issue characters that a lot of dramas focus on. (If you haven’t watched the screenwriter’s My Lovely Sam Soon, you should give that one a try, too. Talk about revolutionary characterization in a Korean drama…)

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