The King 2 Hearts Recommendation/Summary

I watched this drama on Hulu

I was really pleasantly surprised by this drama!!  I had not had much hope for it originally because of the awful title lol. However, it turned out to be one of the better dramas that I’ve seen.  It was unique in that there was no love triangle, however the plot was so complex already that it didn’t need it.  It was much more of a serious drama than a comedy, though it had its funny moments in the beginning when Hang Ah and Jae Ha were getting to know each other.  The Korean actors were really great in this drama and many of the supporting characters were well developed and integral parts of the plot.  The villain was straight up creepy, I mean he scared the pants off me sometimes.  The actor who played him was incredible!  There are an unusual number of English speaking actors in this drama because of its politically infused plot.  All of them are terrible actors except the deranged American girl Bon Bon who does all of John Mayer’s (the villain) dirty work (capture, torture, and kill).  She was the only descent actor/actress of the English speaking lot.  This sounds terrible, but I was honestly so relieved when they killed John Mayer’s British lackey because it meant I wouldn’t have to be subjected to his horrible acting anymore…. But really, this drama is kind of long (20 episodes), but totally worth your time!!  I would give it  4.5 stars out of 5!!


Kim Hang Ah is North Korean Special Ops agent who is particularly skilled as a solider.  Because of her skills she is asked to join a special united team of North and South Koreans who will compete in the WOC, a friendly world military forces competition.  She agrees to join the team, but only if they help her find a husband.  Lee Jae Ha is the South Korean Prince and is also asked to join the team for the WOC in an effort to show support for the reunification of North and South Korea.  Lee Jae Ha is not a very motivated individual and needless to say is not very excited about being part of the WOC team.  Kim Hang Ah becomes team leader because of her rank and show of skill, but Jae Ha does not seem to understand why a Korean Prince would have to follow orders from a North Korean woman.  His attitude towards he is therefore less than desirable and this causes them to start their relationship off on the wrong foot.  However, through bunking in the same room, training, and facing danger from an unknown terrorist together, their feelings slowly begin to change from hate to affection for one another and when Jae Ha is told her must find a North Korean wife to strengthen political relations with North Korea he tries to deny that he wants it to be her, but inevitably comes to admit his feelings.  However, there is an unknown threat lurking in the background who is after the King’s throne and wants to dash all hopes of reunification. John Mayer, none other than the CEO of the powerful international company “Club M,” begins to try and take down the South Korean royal family piece by piece.  The future of Hang Ah and Jae Ha’s relationship, the royal family, and political relations between the U.S., China, and North and South Korea all hang in the balance as they battle against John Mayer and his twisted and underhanded games…


3 thoughts on “The King 2 Hearts Recommendation/Summary

    • It’s a really good one!! It gets a little draggy in some parts because it is so long, and the first few episodes are not spectacular, but it gets better and overall they did a really great job with the plot.

      • I’ll keep that in mind when I’m watching the first few episodes then. Sometimes the dramas that start out the slowest actually end up being the best!

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